I've been successfully running tube.jeena.net from a NUC in my kitchen now for half a year. It has its downsides, for example when I'm not home and something happens to the NUC so it can't be remotely rebooted then I need to wait until I'm home or sent someone to do a hard reboot, which happened now 2 times.

But overall I'm very happy about how well it works to host from home. The NUC only uses about 5W and it's not super powerful but I don't have...

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Interesting comparison (anecdote): I posted the same post on Twitter and Mastodon, I have 4 times as many followers on Twitter compared to Mastodon. But I got double the engagement on that tweet (which really needed engagement) on Mastodon compared to Twitter.


Todays music tip is the norwegian Gabrielle with her song 5 fine frøkner


Let's try this, my Arch broke down and won't boot. I'm in close to and and need a Live USB stick to be able to repair it. Can someone help me get one to here?

It's cherry blossom season in South Korea so I went out to the Pangyo Techno Valley and recorded a video showing it off: tube.jeena.net/videos/watch/76

I have been in South East Asia many times in my life but this is the first time I'm here during the cherry blossom season. Many have told me how beautiful it is, but I never imagined how many of those trees have been planted here everywhere and how it looks like...

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Pangyo Techno Valley has many cherry trees which all bloom now at the same time.

People who write "Hi" in a chat and then independent of how fast I answer they take hours or days to keep writing: Go fuck yourself.

I'm thinking of stopping answering to "Hi" messages, if you have something to say then say it, don't waste my time.

Nice to see that Thunderbird is doing good financial wise groups.google.com/g/tb-plannin I'm one of the donators since a couple of years ago when I moved all my donations from Mozilla to the Thunderbird project. I think it's very important to have a good email client.

I didn't realize how much more air pollution there is in Korea where I'm now compared to Varberg. They joke around that it is wind which comes from China, not sure how much truth there is in it. And during winter I didn't see it but now I can see that the sun is somewhere behind what I first thought was fog but which I now realize is air pollution.

Danny Saucedo at borrowed a lot from Jamiroquai, both music and video concept, not bad at all.

Danny Saucedo at borrowed a lot from Jamiroquai, both music and video concept, not bad at all.

Drinking craft beer at Randolph Beer in Bundang, South Korea.

I wish there was a Digital Audio Workstation software for Linux which would work with Pulse Audio. I don't need real time audio or anything, most of the time I just want to put some background music together with some foreground things like for a podcast or karaoke, etc. So for now I'm using Kdenlive for it and render out just the mp3.

My work space in the quarantine hotel in South Korea.

I'm watching "The Umbrella Academy" and the TV series is not super great but I really like their music choices, very often they go for really good pop music and sometimes they choose a cover version of a popular song.

On my way back to Korea for three months again and the first two weeks is quarantene again. Not sure if I'll decide to make another quarantene vlog, it's really difficult to come up with content for it.

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