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After having described licenses, patents, communities, and more - how do you actually choose a license? Tune in to learn more at

#opensource #freesoftware #licenses #fossnorth

Sometimes there is a summer pop song which really sticks with me, this year it seems to be Miss Li - Komplicerat (English version

It's easy to listen to, has a upbeat tempo and just a "A" in the refrain so it's impossible to not join in singing. Her voice sounds like a 17 year old but she is 38.

Almost a year ago we played our 10 years anniversary concert:

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Recommended read: "Car Companies Want to Monitor Your Every Move With Emotion-Detecting AI"

> “Very soon, Cerence announced, it plans to deepen that data mining operation with in-cabin cameras linked to emotion-detecting AI—algorithms that monitor minute changes in facial expression in order to determine a person’s emotional state at any given...


Ah, a band mate recorded a short video of me recording for our new album yesterday:

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I've been working more on my Matrix setup lately and have connected Facebook Messanger, and Slack in addition to IRC, Matrix, Signal and WhatsApp. I also installed my own IRC bridge and connected it to a IRC channel I'm logged in since 2004. I made that room public so now everyone who has a Matrix account somewhere can join that room on my server and automatically be bridged to that room in IRC transparently.

It is a lot of work, but the bridges seem to be...


Finally Element for Linux is out, so much nicer to look at compared to the old Riot, but still has some of it's quirks like that it stretches portrait pictures etc.

We spoke to the creator of CURL about why he created his own license for instead of reusing one of the popular open source licenses out there in our summer special:

A group of three people went right in front of my while photographing the lake, came out pretty sweet.

MyFittnessPal tells me that I've been logging my food and this macros, etc. for over 100 days. I've been plateauing for some weeks now but I have a good idea why, I'm kind of taking a pause from perusing weightless aggressively mostly because it sometimes is exhausting. But I'm still in a caloric deficit every day with good foods.

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With a lot of time investment plus try and error today I connected most of the chat solutions I use to my own Matrix server to have only one UI for Facebook Messanger, WatsApp, Signal, IRC and Matrix.

What's left is Slack and Discort, but because I'm not a admin in those channels it will be more complicated to connect those, but I'll give it a try.

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I don't know if you need to hear this right now, but you should know that I am grateful for having you here on the #fediverse 🤗

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Something weird is going on on Twitter

Two kodiak bears fight-playing in the water at the Orsa Björnpark in Dalarna, Sweden.

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