I've neglected my rails application which runs my own website for many many years, mostly because it's a lot of work to keep upgrading rails especially when it comes to major version changes. Dependencies break and disapear, API's break, you need to rewrite a lot of code because new concepts and data structures gets introduced, etc. Anyway now I need to upgrade from rails 4.2 which was released 8 years ago to 7.0 which was released last year.

I still like...

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Hm, in one month I need to pay 143.76 USD for 2 years of Flickr Pro. That is a very high price for it. I've been on pro for quite many years but at this price point I'm reconsidering my options. I'm not using the community features anyway.

What I need are only a few functions:

- Photo albums
- Sharing photo albums with a link (without an account for the viewer)
- Storing original photos
- Reasonable search and UI/X
- If possible self hosted

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There is a "Do Not Disturb" checkbox in GNOME but the only thing it does is that it suppresses showing notifications. You still hear sounds coming in from all the chat and mail applications, etc. Also it doesn't have any possibility to turn it off after some time automatically like you normally do on the phone.

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Ran a dist upgrade on my server which brought my website and mastodon down. Thought I have to rewrite my website because some dependencies were not available online anymore but found a workaround. And reinstalling one of the dependencies of mastodon made that work too.

Today something weird happened with my computer. First it hang and I couldn't move the mouse anymore, then I hard rebooted it and it couldn't find my root partition anymore. I thought the SSD broke so I switched it to a different computer and it works fine there. I put in a new SSD and the new one has the same problem.

Then the bios tells me that the date is not set, while setting the date I see that the SATA setting is set to Raid, while I remember that I...

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Hey you! 👋

Yes, you in the back. Heard you might be looking for a job in the open source security industry?

If so, check out all the open roles at bitwarden.com/careers/#open-po

* Software Architect
* VP of Engineering
* Sales Development Representative

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When we went to Europe for vacation we recorded videos and took photos on different devices like iPhones and Android phones, etc. I counted and it's about 2000 files. Now I wanted to create a travel video with it but when you have so many files from different devices they are named differently and it's impossible to chronologically sort them.

I wrote some scripts which get the recording or taking the photo date and time and rename the files so it could be...

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Today I dreamt that all metal bands became commercial posers and everyone cut their hair short. And as an answer to that all punks grew their hair long to rebell against it.

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holy crap did any of you know about Apache2's built in ACME support

Apache2 can do the exact thing Caddy does and automatically get certs from Let's Encrypt at runtime

you just have to flip it on (per domain name)

A couple of days I had to grind 16g of black pepper with this plastic pepper grinder which you get when you buy some pepper. And today was upper body day and now it hurts a lot where the forearm meets the wrist when I twist my hands.

Two years ago I became a Swedish citizen, so today I finally was allowed to vote for the Riksdag (like parlament in Sweden) for the first time!

But life is funny, so in between I moved to Korea and I had to vote at the ambassy in Seoul today.

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Awesome Kdenlive release kdenlive.org/en/2022/08/kdenli… - added support for animations and such. Really awesome project! #tromlive

I have a Synology behind Nginx. When I download a big photo album it always fails at 1.1 GB. If I download directly without Nginx in between there is no problem, it just downloads everything.

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#SelfHTML ist eine deutsch(sprachig)e Website, die sich zum Lernen und Nachschlagen von #HTML und #CSS (und ggf. etwas mehr) schon seit vielen Jahren gut eignet.

Das Projekt startete 1995 als Dokumentationsprojekt von Stefan Münz. Anno 2010 ging das SelfHTML-Wiki online. Ab 2015 ist SelfHTML ausschließlich als Wiki online. Betrieben wird es mittlerweile vom SELFHTML e.V.


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Do you have Codeberg account?


Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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often we are not really aware of it, but: our cities are geared towards cars. the swedish graphic artist Karl Jilg shows in a simple but ingenious illustration how little space in cities often remains for pedestrians.

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