I wanted to make a nice photo of the cheese cake but then the cat decided to investigate what I'm doing.

I know it sounds tough, but thanks to higher corona numbers in Korea I can finally work from home for 2 weeks again, it's so much nicer without commuting and without a loud open landscape office.

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As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: urge your friends to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware. fsf.org

While eating at a South African restaurant in Itewon in Seoul, there was someone from KVS (Korean state television) and filming about this restaurant. So they asked if they could interview us too ^^


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PeerTube Admin 16: Answering Reddit questions - How do I know if an instance is for me?


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Storytime: tube.jeena.net/w/ibNA6icVPZ443

A short story about bein very thirsty during siesta and finding some cold San Miguell in Spain.

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Heads up! I'm hiring again! jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/2

FAQ answers: This is a Cupertino based role, no remote. Full-time. Not an internship (and no internships available currently). Coding experience req'd, college degree is not req'd. Visa possible.

DMs open!

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I think it is a bad idea for instance admins (fediverse) to ban entire instances. Unless there is a very very very serious motive behind it. And make it public when you do. Because this will cut ties with those instances and the users from your own instance will be unable to reach anyone from those banned instances. This is a dangerous game that many on the fediverse are playing. They seem to not grasp the consequences.

If we ever ban any instance then we will first announce it to all of our users, and then make it public. But unless there is severe spam flooding our servers, I do not see a reason to do that.

Users can block other users and for some federated networks they can block entire instances. Let the users decide! Not a handful of "admins". #tromlive

Hm, I wonder why Mastodon doesn't show a thumbnail of my PeerTube video, probably because of the new URL scheme?

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My dad looks through the CCTV footage from our summer house sometimes and he found this funny little guy

ABBA just released a new album and you can get it on CD, Vinyl and Cassette, the Cassette is the cheapest of them with £9.99 and the Vinyl the most expensive for £25.99


This video was a long time in the making, started in June when we got the fruits.

Making fruit wine from unknown Korean fruits


I just found many of the right wing YouTubers like Lauren Chen, Steven Crowder, Tim Pool on this PeerTube instance: peertube.biz/ it seems those are just copies of their YouTube videos with mostly zero views. This is why I suspect that it's just someone importing them their without their knowledge.

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