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I play bass in a swedish metal band called Hoggatah. Here is a link to a music video we recorded a couple of years ago, enjoy:

January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, I was there on day 13, you can see the fights from this day on:

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My first time watching sumo wrestling live at the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. It was extremely entertaining.

Standing in the line to get one of the 300 - 350 tickets for Sumo today, I have queue #341.

We just ate Yakiniku 'all you can eat' (within 90 minutes) from this menu

It was sooo delicious! And together with all you can drink for just about 35 EUR which you'd pay for the drinks alone in Sweden.

Btw. the very first photo on my website is from that island!

Good morning Hiroshima! Today we're going to Itsukushima which is a beautiful island just outside of Hiroshima. It's 9 o'clock and we're just checking out and heading for the central stations coin lockers to leave our luggage there for the day.

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