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I play bass in a swedish metal band called Hoggatah. Here is a link to a music video we recorded a couple of years ago, enjoy:

Playing with hardware is hard, I was able to decode a IR signal from a TV remote but I can't get my contraption to send a IR signal. Now after a day of trying I suspect that I broke the IR LED but have no idea how to test it. A normal LED emits short visible light flashes when I use it, so the whole contraption seems to work, only the IR LED doesn't. With my phone camera I can see the TV remote flashing, my IR LED on the other hand is just dead.

I got my first phishing SMS which tries to tell me I have a package waiting for me but it got stopped in Stockholm because the 10 SEK postage hasn't been payed. They include a link which first goes to a blogspot page with a form with the prefilled tracking ID and when you click on it you get redirected to a page on where you can pay those 10 SEK. I didn't go further with the investigation.

Software Freedom Podcast #4 about REUSE with Carmen Bianca Bakker via @fsfe

After work on the Fridays For Future demonstration in Gothenburg.

Today I decided to not answer the phone and help other people with their problems but instead to do what I wanted to do for a long time but never had the time for it. So now I'm on the train to get a IR receiver because they have it in the next city, 40 km away. Once I get it I hopefully will be able to use my Arduino to record a IR signal from a remote control and then use that code to switch on a audio amplifier with help of my Home Assistant when I get...


Today "The Book of Delights" has arrived where Ross Gay published a delight every day for a year in book form. It's a cool idea, perhaps I should do a challenge to post one per day for at least a week?

Funny how my USB Type-C extension cord has a little label which says:

> USB 3.1/3.0 is supported on both sides.
> USB 2.0 is only supported on one side.
> If it doesn't work please reverse it.

And I've been trying to get my external sound card to work for half an hour.

Anyway, now finally I have the dream setup, I can switch to use my keyboard, mouse and sound card and screen on my stationary NUC or my laptop connected with one single cable...


It's always a bit sad when I come back from vacation I don't have anything to post because nothing happens anymore. It feels like I'm falling into a deep hole of work and boredom and I need to actively work to get out of it.

Enho is by far smallest of the sumo wrestlers in the highest league, but don't let that fool you, he is really aggressive and wins a lot! Here are all his fights from the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo:

I've recorded so much material for podcasts during my journeys, now I 'just' need to sit down and cut it in nice pieces and to all the other work before I can publish it.

January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, I was there on day 13, you can see the fights from this day on:

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My first time watching sumo wrestling live at the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. It was extremely entertaining.

Standing in the line to get one of the 300 - 350 tickets for Sumo today, I have queue #341.

We just ate Yakiniku 'all you can eat' (within 90 minutes) from this menu

It was sooo delicious! And together with all you can drink for just about 35 EUR which you'd pay for the drinks alone in Sweden.

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