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#fossnorth has finally reached some actual licenses in our licensing series. We start with the Classical Permissive Licenses such as MIT and BSD.

Listen to us ramble here:

#freesoftware #opensource #licenses #mit #bsd

Episode 5 of our series about Copyright and Licenses is out, it's about "Classic Permissive Licences":

Me @e8johan and two other friends are making a full series about Licenses on YouTube, here is a link to the full playlist:

Today's music tip:KANA-BOON / ないものねだり

I really like Japanese Indie Rock, we used to have it here in Europe too but for some reason it stopped developing, or at least I don't stumble upon it anymore.


A longer blog post with many pictures about my trying to fight my obesity by working on my diet.

The 4th episode in the series about Software Licenses is out:

"What is a (FOSS) License" -


I found chicken liver in my freezer, looking forward to it!

I'm kind of cooking close to a keto diet, no starch like potatos or grains like pasta or bread. It definatelly helps fight food coma.

I'm confused, I went on a PeerTube instance and wanted to comment there

It told me to remote interact so I put in my own mastodon username and it send me to my instance with their post visible. Fair enough, then I was able to reply to them: and it looks cool with their thumbnail (I wish it would look like that in my timeline too).

But it doesn't show up on their page under the video. Do they need to allow it first or is it a bug?

Ok, Joe Rogan is moving his podcast to Spotify exclusively. I'd like to take the opportunity to find interesting political, health, comedy podcasts who self-host, either on peer-tube or their own website. Tips are welcome.

Today I found out that there are many alternatives to Google Authenticator with are drop in replacements, I didn't realize that it just implements a mathematical function which uses a shared key and a clock.

I moved all my 2FA things from work and private to andOTP which has much more functionality but most importantly is Free Software (free like in liberty).

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The third episode of the #fossnorth series on free and open source licenses is up. This time we have a look at the history of free and open source. Check it out here:

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The #fossnorth talk on Differential Privacy by Elisabet Lobo-Vesga is now available on YouTube: .

#differentialprivacy #privacy #gdpr

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Wer schlau genug ist, die Youtube Universität in Mindestzeit mit einem Abschluss sine cum Laude in Virologie zu absolvieren, der ist auch bereit sich von Laschet die Weisheitszähne ziehen zu lassen.

@aaronpk Would it somehow be possible to automatically switch between 2 cameras with the ATEM Mini depending on from which microphone sound is coming in?
I guess you'd need to program something which listens to 2 microphones and then runs some automation on a computer?

Lunch today. I got some tuna but ist's very lean, I don"t think it'll be easy to get some more fatty one here during quarantine in a small town in Sweden. Still super nice and I made a roll of the parts I cut away plus some avocado.

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