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I play bass in a swedish metal band called Hoggatah. Here is a link to a music video we recorded a couple of years ago, enjoy:

Millencolin once again! This year they were much more active and awake. That makes me wonder if I'm just projecting my own mood on them?

Two older guys playing Backgammon at the Abu Salem café in Nazareth which has been open since 1914, so now for over 105 years in 3rd generation.

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fundraising, coping with chronic pain (boost with CW) 

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I'm considering moving Mastodon to another domain. With version 3.0, when an account migrates, its followers migrate as well. However, that does not apply to Pleroma or other ActivityPub implementations. Before I go through with this, how many of my followers are on Mastodon and how many are on another platform?

Wow, what a strong talk by Aral Balkan ( at the European Parliament.

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You can now watch my talk on the future of Internet regulation at the European Parliament yesterday on Peertube (@joinpeertube) thanks to @vincib

And here are my slides (which were on the screens but aren’t visible in the video):

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Sundown at Gallilea Sea. I tried to walk on this water like Jesus did, it didn't work so I took a swim instead.

A short blog post about my visit in Hebron and the people I met there

I recorded myself walking in Hebron, Palestine through the old city and the market nearby for half an hour and put it on YouTube Check it out if you're interested in a virtual walk.

Hebron old city from the roof top while rain clouds are coming in from the north.

I arrived in Hebron and there were many children here on the roof top and tried to speak English, mostly they knew: "What's your name?". They wanted to test out my camera so I had to play model for them. This one was taken by one of the older girls, I like it;

The Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem.

This was the must have picture from Jerusalem and I scouted for three days to find the perfect location. And as in my picture of the Colosseum in Rome, there is construction going on in the bottom left ;)

Not the best timing for this to happen when I'm here in Israel
I'm in Jrusalem right now and they didn't shoot that far, but some reports say up to 150 rockets were fired from Gaza today, after a Islamic Jihad leader was killed in Israeli air strike.
I know where the shelter is and I'm actively reading local and international news about it.

Ok, that's a first one for me. Today when I arrived at my AirBnB the TV was showing that 50 rockets have been fired from Gaza on Israel. Only one person was lightly injured but sirens went of in many cities, even Tel Aviv where I landed the day before yesterday.
My host says that Jerusalem normally is safe because there are Arabs living here too. Until I saw in on TV I haven't seen any indication of that on the streets.

This guy had a really cool hat, I only saw 2 more with one like that afterwards.


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