I personally hate ads with such a passion that I subconsciously stopped to listen to US podcasts more and more and mostly found European podcasts which offer a donate button instead.

And especially German podcasts found a way to send them money without paying fees like Patreon or Paypal does so that even small amounts like $1 make sense.

@jeena I totally get this. I feel the same way. Ad revenue makes me so very uncomfortable. I would argue it's been the backbone of capitalism for a long time. Now, ads drive development as well. "How do we get more data from people so we can sell them more stuff."

@jeena I've also got some issues with Patreon. For my personal writing and future endeavours I'm playing with ko-fi. I hope eventually to have some revenue from there or elsewhere to pay the service for a gold account, support them for supporting me.

Paul has a guest for the show that I hope will turn into a broader discussion on Patreon. I think the CEO is a decent human, but I think the biz side of the company is a problem.

@sikkdays The really neat thing in Europe is:

"BIC + IBAN is often the cheapest way to transfer money internationally and is now free of charge* in much of Europe under EU/EEA directive 2560/2001. BIC + IBAN international bank transfers are faster, more efficient, and low-cost as they are sent directly through the SWIFT interbank network without using intermediary banks (who deduct charges or fees for their service)."


@jeena That's cool! In fact, I think Canada has a thing like this too. It's not something I've ever really learned. Plus, it seems generational, like my spouse's friends use it, but because we're neighbors with the US, the younger gen. uses the things that are advertised at them like Paypal, Patreon, Square, etc.

@sikkdays yeah I get that, the germans also struggle to get people to use the free transfer thing because if you already have patreon or paypal then it's just easier because you can have everything in one place for everyone from the whole world. For them you need to make a special thing in your bank account.

@sikkdays but especially with small amounts paypal and patreon just eat up like up to 40% which instead should have gone to the content creators.

@jeena The US is a nightmare when it comes to money. The banking system/gov is paranoid and think less online is the key to security. So, being an American, contracting out to Americans from Canada has been a pain. I can move $ just about anywhere from here except the US. I was forced to use Paypal with clients which is awful. Also, patreon now says they need a revenue stream because what they're taking isn't enough. Such a familiar startup cliche.

@jeena it is interesting to see how much streaming services has changed my acceptance here. It is unbearable to watch broadcast TV these days. And even the 5-10s YouTube interruptions are hugely annoying.

@e8johan you might be on to something here, since the dawn of AbBlock I haven't been exposed to advertising because I didn't watch normal TV, and I blocked all ads on the Internet so when I get exposed to one it's almost burning in my eyes and ears. For YouTube after many years of blocking ads they finally released YouTube Premium where I can pay a fee like for Spotify to get rid of ads. But now I ned some AdBlocker for all the native Ads, perhaps will me mature soon.

@e8johan and also because Black Mirror has been so prophetic, I'm afraid of still being alive when this scene from the second episode starts being real when he isn't allowed to close his eyes during a (porn) ad an if he does it pauses and demands him to open his eyes or pay a fee which he can't afford.

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