Interesting, it's possible to follow accounts on but it's practically impossible to find any users without having an account on one of the popular instances.

I wanted to follow some photographers from but the homepages of the instances don't let me find anyone. Once I get the username from someone I can subscribe.

@jeena It is an issue I have on :pixelfed: as well. I hope it gets easier when there are more instances?

I used to think #Mastodon and other #ActivityPub related things had a discovery problem.
1) This will likely always be an issue with independent, decentralized things.
2) We're often judging these things against centralized networks. Is that fair?
3) Discovery on large services like birbsite and Bookface isn't that great because of the number of users.

@sikkdays yeah, but I guess once the relay servers work where you're able to search for hashtags on other instances, this gets quite a lot better. I didn't know about the concept of the relay servers. I subscribed now to the default one. Will see if the search improves, because until now I only was able to search for things which I've already seen in the timeline.

@jeena oh? Point me to one? I think someone shared this with me before, but I got busy and forgot to look it up.

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