Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

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@jeena hi, Jeena! Is your band licensing music under the Creative Commons? :)


@eloisa most of it yes I will talk to the guys if we can release the last one too under CC, it's a couple of years old now anyway. But we're working on new stuff too.

@jeena Hey, Jeena!

I've been listening to you guys since my last reply and I'm liking your stuff!

My point with my original question/toot was to know if I could find artists around here who release their work under a CC license.

And it may be some n00biness on my part, but I can't see the CC license you're using on your music at Jamendo. From what I could find in the site, Jamendo seems to be doing the licensing themselves? O.o

On every song there are those license icons.

I will update it on the website also once I have access to a computer.

@jeena Oh! Maybe it's because I don't have an account there? I'm still confused! Do I need to pay for their license or just following the CC you guys have will do? :blobpats:

My use case is NOT commercial. It's just for streaming and podcasting. Always giving credit, ofc! ^^;

No wait, I'll just make it available via the website.

@eloisa I made the second album "Bad Bad Ugly" downloadable and made it clear which license it has on our website will do that for the demo too once I find the mp3s somewhere and for the latest (Happyplace) once I talked to the other guys in the band.

No not at all it's always fun when someone is at least remotely interested in ones art ;)

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