Rendering a one hour video with and it shows it will take 4,5 hours to render. I guess it's because I chopped it so much and I have three sources.

@e8johan I'm not sure, I looked at the UI and it said parallel rendering was on per default, but when I looked with top it looked like only one core was doing something.
But it was quite late so I just left it during the night and it was done in the morning.

@jeena I seem to recall there being a no of cores setting as well, but that was April last year, so the ui might have changed.

I did what you did. Queued up 8-12h of rendering and when to bed. Made sure the computed had plenty of air flow.

@jeena That makes no sense. Maybe it's just the estimation that was wrong? How much time did it take for real?

@mardy i stopped it and changed from webm to lossles h264 and then it predicted about 2 hour and that was the time it took also.
I remember @e8johan rendering the long foss-north videos for quite some time too, not sure how long exactly.

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