Working on a little display that will sit in a picture frame and show my next upcoming flight!

Powered by a raspberry pi which parses the flights from the microformats on my website, and shows either the next upcoming trip, or if I'm currently away, shows the details of the flight home.

This e-paper display is really nice looking too!

@aaronpk Is a RPi really necessary? I was somehow hoping that a small e-paper one would work with a small ESP8266 like:

@jeena I made a travel version of this running on an esp32 with an epaper display! The main difference is for the esp32 version I have to generate the image on a server and download a bitmap to write. With the Pi, I generate the image on the Pi in python.

@aaronpk Oh I didn't know you needed to have a picture. For my LCD I just put text on from my Arduino

@jeena Not really full pictures, but there are some lines and background colors. It's more like I didn't want to deal with parsing the JSON response and the text/graphics libraries in the limited esp32 environment.

@aaronpk ah so it's just easier but it would have worked in theory?

@jeena I probably could have made it work, but it was a lot easier to do it server side especially cause then I can make changes without re-flashing the firmware.

@aaronpk yeah that makes sense. In practice you could ropurpouse the device to show something different without re-flashing it.

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