Interesting, in my 41 years of living in 3 different countries I never thought to read though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I caught up it today at

It's an interesting read and is much longer than I expected, it has 30 articles on 8 A4 pages.

@jeena I had to read it in school in politics and Im so proud that the teacher was quite strict about it. In times like today, we need to know the paragraphes. I still got that copy from back then when we read it.

@Zoidtes that is a totally sensible idea to force everyone to read it in school at least once. I wonder why it never happened in my school.

@jeena Well its depending, I agree to you totally, it should be a must, I mean those rights belong to everyone so they should know it. But I know people that were on other schools back then, that havent read it.
So I guess I was quite lucky to have that nice teacher

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