Because of

1. I divide history in before WWII and after WWII
2. I speak four languages fluently
3. I'm starting learning music theory for the first time in my 40ies

@phoenyxgreene @returntrip @themugue


3 facts about me:

1. I have lived in 4 different countries
2. I have lost 15kg in the last 6 months
3. For over 20 years I have worked in IT except for a small 3 months break as a Night Porter 😃

I nominate @selea @hund @cybette

Not in my style but there is always a first time 😃

@returntrip @selea @hund @cybette yeah not my style either but i follow mostly people I don't know personally here so I thought it would be a opportunity to find out more about you guys and gals ^^


Good initiative!
Here is three facts about me, not a cool as you guys but anyway :)

1. I spoke fluent german until I was 12-13 years old.

2. People think that I am atleast 10+years my actual age.

3. I have an almost complete vegetarian diet because of the price of good meat.

I nominate @e8johan @finlaydag33k and @WandelStock

@returntrip @hund @cybette

@selea @jeena @finlaydag33k @WandelStock @returntrip @hund @cybette
1. My first programming job involved visual basic and Fortran 77.

2. I wanted to do chip design in school and have basically no formal training in software engineering.

3. I work too much, but procrastinate like crazy at home.

Nominating @rob @ohyran @magnus

@e8johan @selea @jeena @finlaydag33k @WandelStock @returntrip @hund @cybette @rob @magnus

1) I once disappeared legally for two years to see if it was possible in Sweden.
2) My biggest pet peeve is people who confuse conviction with relevance.
3) I've lived in two different war zones as a child.

I nominate @TQ and @stephaniewalter

@e8johan @selea @jeena @finlaydag33k @WandelStock @returntrip @hund @cybette @rob @ohyran

I moved mastodon so I'm replying from my new one

1. I find jokes involving puns embarrassingly funny
2. In some areas of tech I'm absolutely a technology-for-the-sake-of-it person, in other areas I'm a luddite
3. I use sarcasm often, maybe too often.

@selea @jeena

Okay, 3 things that arent in my profile.

1. I have are really good smell so i can find mushrooms without looking for them :)

2. I love to cook en to experiment with food. My wife works as an EKO farmer and she always comes home with vegetables that isnt in the cookbooks.

3. I used to DJ in Second life and had my own club for 7 years (which was fun to do, but really timeconsuming)

I nominate:

@StroomAfwaarts @ScribbleAddict

@returntrip @jeena @selea @cybette Uhm, let's see.. :)

1. I used to be an active "pirate" before learning about libre software in 2006. I'm now against software piracy.
2. I like baking cookies and cakes. I'm *very* weak for everything chocolate!
3. I try to buy as much used things as possible to keep my footprint on this planet as small as possible.

And now it's @MereLinuxMortal, @maxigaz and @coffe turn.

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