Do I know anyone in Zurich? I'm gonna be there next week and I have a free evening! Drinks are on me! 🍻🏔

@aaronpk Oh I will be in Wetzikon next week which is just half an hour away, depending on the situation next week I might be able to join you for some drinks :)

@jeena oh cool! I'm free the evening of the 23rd! Would that work?

@aaronpk I can tell you after the weekend once I've arrived there, ok?

@jeena Hey how's it looking for tomorrow? Any chance you can make it to Zurich?

@aaronpk sadly doesn't look good, I'm still at my parents in Germany half way from Poland to Switzerland. I'll arrive tomorrow afternoon most probably but then I don't want to leave immediately again. Any other day you'd be free?

@jeena Ah too bad! I will be free Thursday evening too! Heading home Friday morning tho.

@aaronpk thursday I could at 20:00 if it's not too late for you

@jeena That'd be great! I'll definitely be wrapped up with work stuff by then!

@aaronpk send my your geo coordinates then tomorrow and I'll find you ;)

@jeena Yea! I'm free the rest of the day and I'll be wandering around downtown! Feel free to message me in the IndieWeb slack too

@aaronpk ok, I'm waiting for my nieces dad to come home and will leave then, should be around 19:00

@jeena Awesome! I'm just wandering around the Altstadt stopping in at places that look nice. This link will work for the next few hours!

@aaronpk I parked and an now on my way to Krebsgasse by foot, 9 mins

@jeena 🎉 see you soon! I just grabbed another drink and there's a spot for you here at BarMünster!
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