What I never got is why people are so eager to board the plane as early as possible. My strategy is to wait until everyone is in and to go in last. This way I'm in the airplane as short as possible. I always try to get a seat in the center so that nobody needs to stand up and let me into my seat.

@jeena lots of people fly w/o seats reserved. They try to grab good seats.

@cjk101010 @jeena Really? Never heard of a company that does that (and I would never board one, unless flying alone).

@cjk101010 the seats are automatically assigned before boearding nowadays. I remember Ryanair doing this a couple of years ago but haven't been on such a flight for more than 15 years.

@jeena shitty space for hand luggage? Otherwise, sure, it makes sense to wait around.

@jeena I agree @e8johan the only reason to board early is to avoid Missing your overhead luggage spot.

@returntrip @jeena and to show off your gold card / business ticket 😉

@e8johan i guell I only have a very small handbag so I always find a place.

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