I'm trying to find out how I can find videos to watch but the help page isn't much of a help

Cool. Hope it helps!
as others have mentioned you can join various instances via your mastodon account or via rss feed to receive notifications for new videos.
But the only way that i have found to resemble the youtube search function is this.
Also have you ever checked out

@pandion not yet but to be honest I don't quite get wheri this is searching

@jeena do you want to know how to find content or do you want the help page to be improved?

If the latter, what's missing?

@guido I wanted to know how I can find content to watch so I went to the help page, it kind of sounded it would help me to understand how I can use PeerTube as a consumer, but it only had infos for content producers.

So to answer your question, I think both.

@jeena I clicked on the link you provided and landed after a few clicks to

This is indeed somewhat cryptic.

The way I'd interpret it is: Follow as many accounts from as many different instances you can to make your instance aware of the others.


Unfollow the uninteresting stuff.

See how it went.

Peertube is pretty new. There is not that much content available yet.

Consider creating content.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this.. Just my interpretation

@guido hm I somehow expected to be able to watch without any account (mostly I don't want an account on someone else's instance but don't have the time to set up my own now).
@pandion linked to I'm checking it out now.

@jeena @pandion you can watch without any account, but it's difficult to find content I guess

I use newpipe to find peertube videos. I Copy an instance's URL that federates with many and put it in newpipe(settings>content>peertubeInstances). I also try to find video creators and follow them using mastodon. So when they release new video i can find out.
I hope an easy way to find peertube becomes available soon.
@guido @pandion

@jeena one place you can search across the PeerTube network is this search portal:

But you can also search on any instance, and see videos from all the instances it's federated with.

#PeerTube #PeerTubeIndex

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