Neat, the danish train broke down too so we were moved to a different train. This adds at least another hour. We'll see if I'll be able to catch the last train to Varberg. I literarily took the first train at 5am in the morning. According to time plans this could be a 12 hour journey, but in reality we'll see if I can get home today ^^.

@jeena does train providers pay hotels at delays (like LH and the like)?

@e8johan they do in theory, but once you arrive in Halmstad at 23:00 everything there is closed and you can try to try to find out who to call for one hour so that they perhaps will be able to tell you that you can get the money back or something, or you just take the taxi for the last 80km

@jeena good that you made it home. I hope you get some compensation still!

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