getting pretty frustrated with @AdobePremiere right now... if I ever view a VFR clip from my GH5S in the source panel, then my entire timeline plays back video at half speed until I quit and re-launch the program. 😠

@aaronpk ever tried Kdenlive? I know it's not as powerful and feature rich as Adobe Premiere but it's often good enough for the more simple things and it's free software.

@jeena oof somehow I suspect I would just have a million other problems with that. I'm sure it's fine for straightforward stuff, but if this clip is confusing Premiere of all things...

@aaronpk I didn't mean for replacing it today, more like a strategy for the long run. I personally am trying to get rid of most of the proprietary software I'm using. Installed my own Jitsi server two days ago for example.

@jeena I dunno, if anything I'd probably switch to Davinci Resolve, at least the basic version is free.

@aaronpk haha we're missing each others points in this discussion. You're frustrated about a specific feature and I'm trying to hint about the liberty part in Free Libre and Open Source software ^^

@jeena Nah, I'm just not really interested in getting into a much smaller community for a hobby that has nothing to do with software. The resources available for Adobe/Davinci/FCPX far outstrip any of the open source apps.
@jeena I guess what I mean is I would rather put my energy into advocating for open standards than open source

@aaronpk which you actually already do :D

I'm much more selfish, I'm mostly interested in what I as a user run and that I want to be in control of my own computing devices.

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