Very interesting overview over "Open Source in Africa" by Shedrack Akintayo:

The developer communities I'm part of ar mostly European and North American and it's really seldom I see developers from Africa.

Watching the presentation and it presents a lot of famous developers and I wanted to start following them and just realized that Mastodon is such a white niche community, none of them could be find here ^^

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@jeena Is there a Peertube equivalent of YouTube’s watch later list?

@bjoreman Yes, I think every account has it as their first playlist. But yeah, you need to have an account on one of the PeerTube instances for that, this particular feature doesn't seem to translate to mastodon very well.

@bjoreman oh and it's a private playlist so you don't need to be embarrassed about what you put in there :p (if you trust your admin ;) )

@jeena wow, thanks, I am from Asia, more precisely Indonesia, and love to see African free software activist.

@ademalsasa Asia is also interesting, I see you guys from indonesia but also India much more often than Koreans or Japanese developers.

Is English quite common between Indonesian developers?

@jeena amazing! Thanks for sharing with me. No, English is not common for daily conversation.

@jeena @jeena The osca (Open Source Community Africa) have a discord channel, maybe invite young people there to join the fediverse?... I seem to remember data science community in South Africa to be very active, specially contributing in Python, Julia, and C to simulation projects, but am only aware (and vaguely) of South Africa (since they have a supercomputer)

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