People who write "Hi" in a chat and then independent of how fast I answer they take hours or days to keep writing: Go fuck yourself.

I'm thinking of stopping answering to "Hi" messages, if you have something to say then say it, don't waste my time.


oh yes, naked pings are one of my pet peeves too, I've learnt to ignore them for my own sanity's sake

@cybette @jeena I don’t get too many, but I get annoyed just thinking about them. The expression naked ping is so good that I almost want more reason to use it. 😀

@bjoreman @jeena

you can talk about it more, spread the "no naked pings" message! 😄

I had once a pretty example of the reverse situation:

Me, writing to our IT-guy: <detailed explanation of a problem>
IT-guy: Hi.

I didn't bother myself to answer and solved the problem by myself.

@VikingKong haha, IT is not there to help you, their job is to prevent you from working!

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