@futureisfoss yeah, I guess it's simmilar. Although I kind of understand it for more seldom updated data like followes, I haven't seen the problem with normal content on Mastodon, new posts show up on my federated instance, but qlso, I didn't do the same research un Mastodon as I did on PeerTube.

That's interesting,
so the same must be true of peertube views @jeena

When I open someone's profile, new posts often don't show up in my mastodon instance, especially if its a peertube account profile. So I think the situation is worse with peertube.

@futureisfoss @lps yes exactly, I also have the feeling that it's a specific PeerTube problem.

Not sure if you've seen this, but I have issues of thumbnails being mixed up as well... I'm using Tubelab, so it might be the app


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