Today is likely to be the busiest day we've ever had at the coffee shop.

We hit 299 customers yesterday, I'm expecting to hit well over 300 today.

And we're short handed.

My wife came in 2 hours early, and is working a 12 hour day to cover for the fact that we're short, but she was already on the schedule, so we're just down a person now.

We're currently double last sunday hour over hour.

We're likely to also be down a person tomorrow, which means my wife is probably going to be opening, and covering her regular shift tomorrow (another 12 hour day. The fourth in a row.)

Someone else should show up soon (but that still puts us down a person. There's no one to call in. Every employee was scheduled today except one, and she's not in the state at the moment.)

I can't think of a way to make things better. I'm not fast enough or experienced enough at any of the stations to help when we're this busy. I could take orders, but frankly they're behind enough already that that would probably cause more problems than it solved.

The folks who did come in today are, universally, burnt out and not feeling well, and are being pushed past their limits by a crowd that is growing more demanding and larger by the second.

@ajroach42 Why don't you make the prices higher? This way the demand will go down but you still get in more money?

@jeena Honestly, because that's not how the coffee industry works, or really any industry. The informed, rational consumer is a myth made up by economists.

Most of our customers don't look at the price, they just wait until they get their total and then leave a bad review online if they thought it was too high.

We operate in a poor, rural community with a short tourist season. Raising our prices would price locals out of our market, and send them to Starbucks or whatever.

@jeena We can't survive on just tourist business, as the tourist season is short. We need local traffic more.

If we're more expensive than the starbucks in front of the walmart, that's where they'll go.

Tourist demand is a function of us being the only place open in walking distance to down town. Local demand is a function of us running a business with fair pricing and a welcoming atmosphere. We have loyalty that was hard won over many years, and we'd be foolish to squander it.


@ajroach42 Ah I see, hm hm then it's not as easily solved as I assumed (obviously, because then you'd probably found that solution already). I wish you good luck so it doesn't completely overwhelm you.

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