It's been 24 hours since we launched! We never anticipated the response, thank you ❤️

Our directory now has 587 topics from 120 people 🎉

We replaced the landing page video with one by @Framasoft and made other small improvements! #fediverseInfo


@pixelfed Another thing which I'm kind of missing is Matrix. Even though it does not run on ActivityPub I feel it is an important part of the Fediverse.

The Fediverse is all about interconnection.
Although matrix is federated, it is not part of the same universe as it doesn't support activityPub.
In my view that's an exclusion criterion.


@JuleLe @jeena @pixelfed

Matrix *can* speak ActivityPub as well, it just needs a bridge. I think there has been work on that front already.

@jeena matrix it not part of the fediverse. if you include matrix you would have to include anything that federates like email or xmpp

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