I'm hosting a lot of things on a NUC at my parents house tube.jeena.net/w/tYbrbqBMkexTw that is cheap ans sustainable but not very stable.

My dad went on a 5 week long rehabilitation after an operation and there was nobody capable to restart the NUC which hang itself after the main house fuse was blown and the energy supplier had to get there to put in a new one.

It already went for 3 days where my Mastadon and PeerTube instances wede...

via jeena.net/notes/1289

@jeena Do you call ist "not stable" because nobody was there to boot it after a main power outage?
Maybe you can set it to boot after power loss in the future?
At home i run services on a Zotac CI-327 nano which is quite similar to a NUC but with 2 NICs. This machine runs very stable.


@fuesstest it is set like that already but the NUC is about 10 years old and sometimes hangs and needs a hard reboot.

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