Two years ago I became a Swedish citizen, so today I finally was allowed to vote for the Riksdag (like parlament in Sweden) for the first time!

But life is funny, so in between I moved to Korea and I had to vote at the ambassy in Seoul today.

@jeena 👏 You are privileged. Germans cannot vote at the embassy abroad. The only way to do so is through an extremely complicated, expensive and unsafe procedure that most Germans abroad do not take upon themselves. Especially since, in my experience, there is at least a 50% chance that their vote will not even be counted or recognized. Conclusion: I have stopped voting.

@sventetzlaff last year I didn't vote for kind of the same reason in the german elections, it was in the middle of my move to Korea and getting everything in order to be able to vote from here. (I have 3 citicenships). But soon it will be 25 years ago I lived in Germany and I will not be allowed to vote anymore, which kind of makes sense also.

Very cool and congrats! Where were you first born? I thought Sweden was your home

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