When we went to Europe for vacation we recorded videos and took photos on different devices like iPhones and Android phones, etc. I counted and it's about 2000 files. Now I wanted to create a travel video with it but when you have so many files from different devices they are named differently and it's impossible to chronologically sort them.

I wrote some scripts which get the recording or taking the photo date and time and rename the files so it could be...


Hi @jeena,

I have the same problem now and I'm searching for a script or something else to sort my videos...
Would you like to share your script?
That would be great! :o)

@fliegerjohn It's just a small script in python and I only wrote it for .heic and .mov files but perhaps you can get some inspiration out of it:

Thanks a lot!
I'm just a beginner with python, but maybe it's that chance to start with... :o)
My files are *.MTS.
If I made some changes and it worked, I can give it back to you!

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