January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, I was there on day 13, you can see the fights from this day on: youtube.com/watch?v=eu2R7RulnA

My first time watching sumo wrestling live at the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. It was extremely entertaining.

Standing in the line to get one of the 300 - 350 tickets for Sumo today, I have queue #341.

I'm on my way to Japan and we have our traditional a stop in Helsingfors to drink the last good beer for two weeks ;)

Check out the latest episode of my podcast Jeenas Excellent Encounters where I went to Jerusalem and did a blog style recording of my stay there: jeena.net/pods/20

This is the first one of three episodes from Israel.

Fun fact, the jingle at the beginning and end was created by a guy from Tel Aviv.

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