Two years ago I became a Swedish citizen, so today I finally was allowed to vote for the Riksdag (like parlament in Sweden) for the first time!

But life is funny, so in between I moved to Korea and I had to vote at the ambassy in Seoul today.

Someone on reddit posted a picture from a Water Park in Korea, it really showcases what I've been talking about in my comment about swimming in Korea

I'm using Synology DiskStation DS220+ as my backup solution which I host at my parents house. But I'm always afraid that they will just discontinue the software.

I'd love to find a good solution especially for automatic categorization and sharing of photos, which would be free software.

Blog post:

I'm afraid as soon as covid starts declining here in Korea, this will become my reality too.

We went to the Chusa ( Museum. Chusa was a famous calligrapher, painter and writer from the late 1700s. In the picture it's me pretending to do awesome calligraphy.

It seems I can't follow the Truth because my IP is blocked on Trumps Truth Social network.

PineTime tells me I already walked 536 bilion steps today, and it's only 8am.

My girlfriend got tools to make dalgona candy so we did, it was very difficult! She got them from Volvo and there was a stamp for a form of a Dalarna horse which I recognized but didn't connect Volvo to Sweden at first and wondered why the korean candy came with a swediah shape ^^

Also I played the game likw in Squid Game :D

White tulips in front of our red wall in the living room.

My coffe tries to smile at me while it is scared to death because I'll soon drink it.

On the other side, it might just be the bad implementation of federation on PeerTube, in the screen shot the same channel left on my instance and right on the original instance. 3 videos from this last week are missing on my instance.

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Translated a Swedish graphic which shows how important it is to get the vaccination.

The 15% of the not vaccinated stand for the 85% of the people ending up at the hospital.

We made some german Laugengebäck at home in the air frier because we don't have an oven.

I wanted to make a nice photo of the cheese cake but then the cat decided to investigate what I'm doing.

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