Hebron old city from the roof top while rain clouds are coming in from the north.

I arrived in Hebron and there were many children here on the roof top and tried to speak English, mostly they knew: "What's your name?". They wanted to test out my camera so I had to play model for them. This one was taken by one of the older girls, I like it;

The Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem.

This was the must have picture from Jerusalem and I scouted for three days to find the perfect location. And as in my picture of the Colosseum in Rome, there is construction going on in the bottom left ;)

This guy had a really cool hat, I only saw 2 more with one like that afterwards.

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Jerusalem is an awesome place, so much contrast in everything!

Zürich by night. Just met Aaron here for a couple of beers and a long chat about work, home automation, the Idieweb and everything in between.

I have over one milion emails in my inbox in GMail, is there a way to delete them all without doing it 50 by 50 in the UI?

I spent a lot of time to build a new house for me in Minecraft and make it cozy. I kind of get why the game is so addictive. You can be really creative in it and even if it doesn't translate to the real world it's still a lot of fun.

When I visit my parents my dad always wakes up way earlier than anybody else and prepares a beautiful breakfast with all local ingredients and many of them home made like the sausages and own grew tomatoes.

Sometimes the phone is the best camera because you have it on you.

On my way to Germany by car and ferry.

I found a picture of Húsavíkurfjall in Iceland which I took but didn't pay too much attention back then to it because there were so many awesome things in Iceland to post. But I really like the calm feel of the clouds at the top of the mountain. It's a clean graphic picture which I wouldn't mind printing and putting somewhere on the wall.

A month ago I got a saxophone and I'm trying to learn to play it at the same time as I'm learning some music theory, read notes and stuff. Today I finally got those two stands, one for the sax to not need to put it into the bag every time I take a pause and one for the note paper. It's amazing how much easier it is to see everything compared to having it on the table where the sax is always in the way.

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