[video] Business travel to South Korea during Corona times, airport, COVID-19 test, 2 weeks quarantine at a government designated facility


Today I finally automated my espresso machine. When it's turned on it needs to pre-heat for at least 20 minutes so that the brew head heats up enough, normally I forget about it then but it tells me that the heat is up and I can brew. Then I have ten minutes on me to brew the espresso and it switches the machine off automatically.

It also turns the machine on so I can brew an espresso first thing in the morning before the gym. And I can press a button...

via jeena.net/photos/581

I bought cheap espresso beans and 4 liters of milk to train the visual part and somewhere after 3 liters I seem to be getting there. The only problem is consistency, it's only sometimes that get it this beautiful.

I don't have a car here on vacation so needed to find an alternative.

I brought my grinder, coffe and my Italian coffe maker with me on vacation. And here I found my granddads gold coffe cups which they only used on sundays and special occasions. I think my vaccation counts as a special occasion.

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