I attended a night photography course in Stockholm for fun, I got it as a birthday present. This is one of the photos from that night. It was taken quite early while there was still some light from the sun, to still get the dramatic sky.

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I had a short portrait session with some of my coworkers last Friday, was playing with the backlight to make the head stand out from the background.

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1st of may demonstrations in Varberg.

Valborg i Varberg with a perfect sunset in the background. Some say it looks like Mordor.

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Pulsar Collective, my brothers band during a really cool photo shoot. Check out their music at bandcamp: pulsarcollective.bandcamp.com/

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Episode 19 of my podcast Jeenas Excellent Encounters is out: jeena.net/pods/19

@sikkdays Chris and @pauldl from the US/Canada invited me to their podcast and we spoke about Universities, Podcasts, the IndieWeb and marxist philosophers.

I just started playing football in the lowest league there is in Sweden called korpen. We're still waiting for our jersies. Last week we were 18 people but sadly the other team didn't show up, so without playing we won 3-0.

Going out with friends to do street photography is fun, you can use them as objects while they try to take their own photos.

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in the picture: @mardy

I air dried a 800g pork cutlet peace, and this time I tried not to use any spices but sugar and salt in the beginning so it would do the chemical changes in the beginning. After that I just dried it hanging in the air in my kitchen. It's super delicious and I also got the amount of salt in it just right this time!

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The World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station in southern Sweden is an early longwave transatlantic wireless telegraphy station built in 1922-1924. grimeton.org/?lang=en This time in morning fog.

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Yesterday on my way home during sundown, amazing light! The shadow in the front is made by the train, then golden hour and on top dark clouds.

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Feierabendbier. I'm drinking my Beer alone, sometimes after a day at work talking to people straight for 9 hour it's nice to be able to be on your own.

Drinking beer with my parents at Hartleb (really good local beer). I'm especially happy mom is able to join us again.

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A work colleague posted this picture on Facebook. The only thing I could think of as a reply was a link to my idols from the 90ies Dog Eat Dog (whom I drank Sambuka with backstage once) and their hit "No Fronts" youtube.com/watch?v=c_FAGSiyiR

"No fronts, no tricks, no soap box politics
No guns, just blunts, we kick this just for fun!!!!!!!!"

I was out shooting the sundown, but behind me was a much more interesting scene, the moon above a dark path.

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This is Alfons Åberg which is, besides Emil i Lönneberga, the most famous boy in Sweden. The most famous girl obviously being Pippi Långstrump.

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