My work space in the quarantine hotel in South Korea.

I'm going back to Korea soon so it's time to learn some Korean. But their vowels are so close to each other that I needed to come up with a comprehensive mapping to the languages I already know. Here is the result:

Just wanted to wish you all a Marry Christmas and attached a picture where I combined Korean culture, Swedish culture and Christmas.The frogs name is Grodan Boll.

[video] Business travel to South Korea during Corona times, airport, COVID-19 test, 2 weeks quarantine at a government designated facility

Today I finally automated my espresso machine. When it's turned on it needs to pre-heat for at least 20 minutes so that the brew head heats up enough, normally I forget about it then but it tells me that the heat is up and I can brew. Then I have ten minutes on me to brew the espresso and it switches the machine off automatically.

It also turns the machine on so I can brew an espresso first thing in the morning before the gym. And I can press a button...


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