Today I found Lindt's 100% cacao chocklate, I have no idea how they do it but I guess it's just cacao fat and powder without sugar.

It's not as tasty as some of the high end chocolate I tasted but it's quite awesome and the best thing, it doesn't interfere with my keto diet :D

Chicken in the corn
Say the corn can't grow, mamma
When chicken in the corn
Say the corn can't grow

My dad is really a master when it comes to cultivating plants. Here is a scan from the local newspaper, the photographer visited him last Sunday when he specifically made most of his cactus to bloom for just one night/day so people going to and coming from church on the other side of the street would be able to admire them.

The silhouette of the bird watching hiding place at the Getterön peninsula in Varberg.

A bird by the water on the Getterön peninsula here in Varberg.

Varberg Fortress from a different angle, from above the city. This way you can see a lot of the buildings you normally can't see on photos featuring it.

I just released a new version of my Feed reader FeedTheMonkey with a nicer dark theme which is now really close to the GNOME Adwaita-dark theme which I'm using on a daily basis, so it integrates nicely with other GNOME apps.

I made some Bratwurst, but they only had quite thick casings in the shop so it looks a bit weird. Och and it has more fat than usual.


A longer blog post with many pictures about my trying to fight my obesity by working on my diet.


I found chicken liver in my freezer, looking forward to it!

I'm kind of cooking close to a keto diet, no starch like potatos or grains like pasta or bread. It definatelly helps fight food coma.

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