I bought cheap espresso beans and 4 liters of milk to train the visual part and somewhere after 3 liters I seem to be getting there. The only problem is consistency, it's only sometimes that get it this beautiful.

I don't have a car here on vacation so needed to find an alternative.

I brought my grinder, coffe and my Italian coffe maker with me on vacation. And here I found my granddads gold coffe cups which they only used on sundays and special occasions. I think my vaccation counts as a special occasion.

@pixelgraphix Hi! Ich wollte gerade einen Kommentar auf deiner Webseite hinterlassen aber da gab es leider ne Fehlermeldung.

I will eat this now. It's very seldom I do but you must agree that it looks more than delicious!

We spoke to the creator of CURL about why he created his own license for instead of reusing one of the popular open source licenses out there in our summer special: youtube.com/watch?v=pJCqqmLuk3

A group of three people went right in front of my while photographing the lake, came out pretty sweet.

Two kodiak bears fight-playing in the water at the Orsa Björnpark in Dalarna, Sweden.

Långbryggan in Rättvik, Dalarna in Sween. We're on a short vacation around here.

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