Debian vs Yocto for your embedded project, which one is better?

Join us during the last day of on

A virtual / conference.

Finally this years started. It's a virtual conference about Free and Open Source software which can be joined via YouTube:

You can ask questions via

Check out the schedule: We're online starting today until Wednesday packed with really cool talks, come and join us now!

I'm working on becoming better in making nigiri. Slowly I'm getting better when it comes to the looks, they look quite nice in the photo don't they? I still have problems with the rice seasoning, the rice becomes less sticky once I season it with rice vinegar which changes the consistency. Also the fish I use is the cheap frozen salmon which is chewy and kind of tasteless, but that's just for now when I'm training to cut it the right way, I will use fresh one...


3rd episode of my podcast about my journey to Israel.

Visiting Nazareth with it's rich Christian culture and the beautiful Dead Sea.


I wanted to watch the movie Joker so I decided to rent it on YouTube because they offer 4K and I have 4k monitor and nice sound. But None of my browsers want to show it to me. This means I payed 5 EUR for a movie which I can't watch, bummer. Sadly The Pirate Bay is down now too for some reason, otherwise I'd just download and watch it from there.

Seize the Means of Production

It's interesting how much anti capitalism commentary and how many memes are published nowadays.


I have overcome this a couple of years ago but I see it in so many of my peers! I do point it out to them most of the times, and basically every time I don't it bites me in the ass later.


It's party with a movie theme, I'm going as a skinhead from This is England.

Children I met in Hebron last November, they were learning english on the rooftop I stayed. You should listen to the story in my podcast:

Today I made Osaka style Okonomyaki and it was sooo delicious, unbelievable, really close to the one we ate back in Horoshima.

A new episode of my podcast Jeenas Excellent Encounters, episode 21:

In Palestine, visiting Hebron

* My AirBnB on the roof top in the old city
* Threatened by boys with knife
* Military running
* History lesson by salesman
* Driving to outside of the city with my host
* Visiting a Muslim family
* History lesson about the map Israel vs. Palestine
* History lesson about settlers in Hebron
* Demolition of houses
* Bulldozing of farm land

Any feedback is welcome :)

After work on the Fridays For Future demonstration in Gothenburg.

January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, I was there on day 13, you can see the fights from this day on:

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