Societén Varberg on a warm summer night from behind with reflection in water.

Now we're done and this is the result of 5h 30m of work. I will keep you updated on how the fermentation goes during the next 10 days.

10 minutes before the boiling ends (it went on for 80 minutes already) I'm adding 15g bitter orange peel and 15g coriander seeds. I put them in a brew bag so I don't need to fish for each and every one of them later.

And in the meantime it's Swedish Fika time for the brew master. It's always around 3 and 4 pm. Some wienerbröd and coffee.

Next step after mashing is boiling. This recipe commands 20 g of hops to boil for 90 minutes.

Now I'm filtering the wort to get it more clean and without haze.

I'm always fascinated by people who are so unsure of them selves that they put legality and illegality as an argument for what you need to argue by morality and ethics.

There are the "Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development [1]", which is not without it's own problems, but it looks at stages of moral development in children and those people seem to stuck in the 2nd stage.

[1] which

When I met her 2002 she looked like on the left, now 2019 she's all grown up on the right and done with gymnasium (senior high school). I feel under the circumstances I've done quite ok as a bonus family member.


Artistic Cycling

A woman cycling artistically, it's quite impressive what you can do on a bicycle.


I attended a night photography course in Stockholm for fun, I got it as a birthday present. This is one of the photos from that night. It was taken quite early while there was still some light from the sun, to still get the dramatic sky.


I had a short portrait session with some of my coworkers last Friday, was playing with the backlight to make the head stand out from the background.


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