White tulips in front of our red wall in the living room.

My coffe tries to smile at me while it is scared to death because I'll soon drink it.

On the other side, it might just be the bad implementation of federation on PeerTube, in the screen shot the same channel left on my instance and right on the original instance. 3 videos from this last week are missing on my instance.

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Translated a Swedish graphic which shows how important it is to get the vaccination.

The 15% of the not vaccinated stand for the 85% of the people ending up at the hospital.

We made some german Laugengebäck at home in the air frier because we don't have an oven.

I wanted to make a nice photo of the cheese cake but then the cat decided to investigate what I'm doing.

I got my 3rd vaccination shot, second in Korea. In two weeks I'll be able to travel without the need to stay in quarantine.

Today I tried some more classic still life photography with interesting light and shadows.

We made wine with some fruits which were growing nearby. They're like cherries but smaller, with a different seed and more saur.

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