I'm sick again, second time within one month. Not sure what's going on. Normally I only got sick once every couple of years.

Todays music tip is "I want to be part of a youth movement" by Tocotronic which in light of the is such a contrast to how things were in the 90ies. The song is soaked in irony, while todays youth movement is in the need to be super serious.


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@leah is it mostly for marvel fans or is it even interesting for people who don't have any knowledge about their universe?

The cool thing about federated networks is that I can run my own instance. And even if it's a bit inconvenient because I need to fix it when it goes down, the freedom to decide myself when I want to do it still makes it worth it.

@sikkdays I mean it's better to do it during work time because you get paid for fixing it, if you do it in your free time you don't get paid ;)

Yesterday on my way home during sundown, amazing light! The shadow in the front is made by the train, then golden hour and on top dark clouds.

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I'll be the first who admits that the changed texts are really cringy but SUSEs marketing creates high production value parody music-videos where they cover really good music:

- youtube.com/watch?v=50Qs4gVHB_
- youtube.com/watch?v=5hb-hZdLc2
- youtube.com/watch?v=b0tsZB_LEQ
- youtube.com/watch?v=0w6kXdHXxA

Feierabendbier. I'm drinking my Beer alone, sometimes after a day at work talking to people straight for 9 hour it's nice to be able to be on your own.

Flying (to Berlin now) is not a good idea for your stomack when it was ill just the day before. Before landing in Brussles we had so many tourbulences I was almost reaching for the barf bag ...

Die nähe der Grünen zur Esoterik war die Ursache dass ich vor ca. 15 jahren aufgehört habe die Grünen zu wählen. Vorher dachte ich dass man wenn man die Grünen wählt wenigstens nichts kaputt macht. Dann habe ich mich informiert, schade dass sich das immer noch nicht geändert hat.

Wow, I just watched interested a 1.5 hour video of two people playing (quantum) chess, very cool! youtube.com/watch?v=LikdmXfWO2

When I was 7 or 6 or something, I remember my granddad, who was in the Wehrmacht back then, very often explained to me how they fought during the war.

One of the things which stuck with me was how many more people the Russians had in comparison with the Germans. He once drew on paper to explain how they did something like cross fire where they would just fire with the machine guns so the lines of fire would cross and from down the hill Russians would run...

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I just went thru the last two weeks of Dilbert comix and it's uncanny how close so many of them are to where I work ...

@cjk101010 und ich hab gestern etwas haerter trainiert und ueber nacht krank geworden, krasser Durchfall, und jetzt weiss ich nicht welche Schmerzen von der Krankheit sind und welche vom Muskelkater 😂

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