@futureisfoss oha, I was mistaken, version 6 of Ardour also works with pulse audio, very cool, that might bring me back to using Ardour!

@futureisfoss it only works with jack, not pulseaudio and that fucks up all the audio in all apps every time I use it.

I wish there was a Digital Audio Workstation software for Linux which would work with Pulse Audio. I don't need real time audio or anything, most of the time I just want to put some background music together with some foreground things like for a podcast or karaoke, etc. So for now I'm using Kdenlive for it and render out just the mp3.

@Xjs oh yeah the bottomless is much more fun because only then you can see if you did everything right, if not, then your whole kitchen needs to be cleaned so you really want to make sure that you're doing it consistently right :D

@Xjs did you get the Eureka Mignon Specialita? Because that's the one I have, and for it's price it's really really good tube.jeena.net/videos/watch/50

My work space in the quarantine hotel in South Korea.

@kattascha ich find paywall besser als Werbung. Wünschte nur dass ich nicht immer gleich ein Abbo abschliessen müsste.

@MissInformation haha ich hab genau das gleiche Problem, mein budget ist auch relativ hoch aber das ist dann doch zu hoch ^^

I'm watching "The Umbrella Academy" and the TV series is not super great but I really like their music choices, very often they go for really good pop music and sometimes they choose a cover version of a popular song.

@Xjs I'm a bit older than you and I know that there are people like you the generation above you too. And you can teach people at work that they need to at least try to make a phone appointment with you by never answering your phone when someone calls unexpected (that's what I do). I then write to them and say I saw you called, what's going on? After some time (months/years) they get the memo ;)

@MissInformation wenn budget egal ist dann wuerde ich ne spiegellose kaufen, und dann wenn video wichtig ist dann die Sony α7S III youtube.com/watch?v=vTQ4TOqZ9w

On my way back to Korea for three months again and the first two weeks is quarantene again. Not sure if I'll decide to make another quarantene vlog, it's really difficult to come up with content for it.

Gibt es eine gut moderierte PeerTube instanz mit deutschen Inhalten der ich folgen wollen wuerde?

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