@sikkdays Or: I took money out of the pocket of the rich bourgeoisie and into my pocket!

@claudius I'm not sure I would say that it's easier to fix MacOS or Windows by yourself if it breaks down. At least if "fixing" means something else than reinstalling the operating system. But probably we have different expectations.

@claudius @aral I installed Ubuntu for 3 people who didn't use computers before (no prior MacOS or Windows knowledge) Two children and one senior citizen. That was 3-5 years ago. One of the youngsters sometimes whines because he can't install some windows only application. The other two only use the browser. I set up automatic updates and they all seem to be able to use the computer for what they want to without me holding any hands.

I think it's possible already for normal people to use Linux.

@claudius @aral

Appl maxOS: "Get an education first and a highly paying job then grab yourself in iPhone"
Linux: "Dude, it works on a $25 Raspberry Pi, ask your mom she probably can afford it."

I thought that China has so many CCTV cammeras with one per 7 people, but appearently South Korea has one per 5 people. Oh and London, which I always thought had a rediciolous number of cammeras, only has one per every 13 people.

@dudenas A tip for you would be that all configuration is stored in dot-files in your home directory and this is true across all distributions and front ends. If you find a way of synchronizing them between your computers it should solve most of your problems. I'm only doing it with some specific ones which are particularly difficult to set up like my Emacs installation: github.com/jeena/emacs.d

@DCLXVI He has blue eyes and very fluffy fur, so he is a very handsome cat, but that's kind of it πŸ˜‚

Our cat hates to be alone (if you close the door it will jump to the door handle until it opens it) and it hates to be touched (if you touch it, it bites).

@ajroach42 Ah I see, hm hm then it's not as easily solved as I assumed (obviously, because then you'd probably found that solution already). I wish you good luck so it doesn't completely overwhelm you.

@ajroach42 Why don't you make the prices higher? This way the demand will go down but you still get in more money?

@dudenas @aral Why are you installing Linux over and over again? I only copy the files to a bigger SSD and that's it. If the SSD has the same size then I don't even bother just put in my old one and keep working on the new computer.

@liaizon @sikkdays yeah same here, that is why I created a special tab which only shows the most important people who I personally know, just not to miss what they write.

@nextcloud Man this is very tempting, but I had to sign a 2 year contract to be able to stay in Korea where my girlfriend lives. If not for that I would have applied.

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Want to join the fight for #privacy? Join Nextcloud!

We have over a dozen open positions in Marketing, Sales and Engineering.

Today is a first day at a new office (kind of) and it's very weird, some people are still unvaccinated, the coffe is really bad and the network prevents me from doing many things I want to do like installing a matrix client for example.

@fnt haha, yeah, but to be honest the installation is the biggest challenge, afterwards it's very easy to use

@fnt Wait until you're ready for Arch Linux πŸ˜‚

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