@bigcar That was surprisingly interesting, nice work!

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Time for the next #fossnorth #podcast. This time we start talking about business models.

Direct link: youtu.be/r2my55cPMmE

Podcast home: foss-north.se/pod

@e8johan Some time ago I used archlinuxarm.org/ on a raspberry pi. It was very resource-efficient because it doesn't install anything per default, you only install what you need manually, like on a normal Arch distro. Might be worth a try and jump over to a rolling release distro ;)

I bought cheap espresso beans and 4 liters of milk to train the visual part and somewhere after 3 liters I seem to be getting there. The only problem is consistency, it's only sometimes that get it this beautiful.

That's really a bummer. I Have only Gbit switches and ethernet cards wired in my home. And I have a cable inside of the wall which goes from the kitchen to the living room which is super convenient. But that is the only cable which seems to be an old Cat5 cable so I can't get meaningful speeds with it. Even my internet connection is faster than that cable. I guess I will need to have my own cable anyway which is really annoying to do in a rental apartment.

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The history of Kdenlive in 3 minutes 30 seconds: What is it? When did it start? What challenges has it overcome? A fascinating look at how a major FLOSS project evolves.


@kde very cool video with a lot of background info I like it! I'm not very big in video editing but kdenlive has always been my go to app for that.

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Make no mistake: Im not being passed over because I suck; or dont know what im doing; or cant interview to save my life.

Which in my case is totally true, depending on who you ask.

I have over 2 years worth of nice words from white people about "how they've learned a lot from reading my code", or how my "thoughtful approach to software development [really] resonated" with them.

The problem is, is white people have a problem working with black people. I dunno why, you'll have to ask them -- or yourself -- why that's the case.

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I'm at that point in my career where I've taken a job that isn't anywhere near software development, because after almost 2 years of trying to get back into the game, I've been hearing the exact same thing from the exact same types of white people.

So now comes the critical juncture: I can either bust my ass harder than ever to get back into the industry (which is gonna require little to no sleep and potentially jeopardizing my health): or, stay in Menial Job Limbo and accept the fact that white people dont want blacks in their industry.

@somarasu We work a lot with people from India, half of my colegues are born there. I'm white and work in Sweden. But yeah I worked with one black guy only during my life, he was nothing special, not particularly good or bad.
I also have problems finding a new job right now, and where I work they have problems finding new projects for us, so right now it might just be a difficult time for everyone.
But I feel you, hearing nice words but then no follow up on them can be infuriating.

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How long do you prefer the #fossnorth #podcast videos?

Also when I post something it doesn't show up in the list, I need to press Ctrl+r to reload it, there is no button for that or indication, I tried because I know the shortcut from the browser.

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Testing Tootle but especially the compose view is weird, no way to move it to see the message I'm replying to which is behind it because it moves the window behing with it. No way to publish with Ctrl+Enter or something like that, no way to search for usernames to mention someone. It's an alpha version, I guess I should create bug reports. But otherwise it's promissing and having a lightweight alternative to a browser or Electron app is really nice.

@tbernard @bleakgrey Oh interesting, I should also try to move from Electron to the native versions, there is a Matrix GTK client flathub.org/apps/details/org.g which is even written in Rust. Together they will be an interesting experiment.

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Neighbors interacting unknowingly with our virtual dog at the summer house which is triggered by a motion sensor jeena.net/virtual-dog

Patient mid 20'ies refuses oxygen therapy because covid19 is all just a hoax. Hours later he's pronounced dead. His nurse vents on reddit:


I have a Mi fittness band and yesterday I lost it somewhere and it was already dark outside. But I know that I can connect to it via Bluetooth and it inly has a limited range. So I walked where I was walking duting the day and tried to connect. It wasn't in the house so I went outside. In the ent I was able to triangulate it according to the speed of how fast I was able to download the data from it. It took some time in the dark but I found it and have it...

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