I posted a video comment on "Swimming in Korea" tube.jeena.net/videos/watch/bb where I talk about how difficult this is here.

Over night I had an ant invasion, and I'm on the 14th floor of a big building, no idea where they were coming from. Anyway, I cut of their entrance with dishwasher and started smiting all of them inside. I didn't distinguish between the good or the bad ones, I killed them all. Then I remembered youtube.com/watch?v=P_p6WI4V8N

I'm using "Moments" on my Synology NAS but would like to tap into the AI classification of my pictures and do things with them. Is there a API which I could use?

> The road to total tech-surveillance is paved with convenience

This is sadly very true. Just yesterday I had the Google Home app open and it suggested me to switch on to show pictures of specific people which are on my phone also on the TV via the Chromecast. I clicked one button and we had a nice evening watching a slideshow and talking about those pictures.

Theoretically I would be able to do that on my own devices too. I have all my pictures backed...

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In addition to thispersondoesnotexist.com/ now there is thisbeachdoesnotexist.com/ soon the job description of a Movie Actor won't exist ;)

@Rob_T_Firefly I might agree with your second and third point, but a podcast behind a paywall is definitely a podcast, how else can we finally get rid of all the trackers and all the advertisement, etc. if we can't pay for quality content?

Don't fall into the trap to think that surveillance capitalism is the only option!

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Unify is a bit rediciolous when it comes to accessing the hardware via their cloud. I have three of their devices and need to access each of them via a different landing page, which is prepared to show all of them:

- EdgeRouter -> cloud.unms.com/
- Cloud Key Gen2 Plus -> unifi.ui.com
- UAP-AC-Lite -> network.unifi.ui.com/

And that even though I run the same software on a Raspberry Pi for the Access Point and on the Cloud Key...

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@randy hm I haven't seen that, I'll try to find it, thanks for the tip!

I wish the "Do Not Disturb" button in GNOME would also supress the bleep sound in Element when a notification comes in. Sometimes I'm in a meeting and people start writing there and it does beep, beep, Beep, BEEEP, BEEEEEEP all the time. Closing the application doesn't help, it keeps running in the background and beeping. I'd need to 'kill' it. Also switching 'Do Not Disturb' back after an hour would be nice too, I always forget to do it after the meeting.

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After some gentle encouraging from the community, I took a bit of time to set up a proper blog for TILvids. You can access it at blog.tilvids.com TBD exactly what I'll post here; certainly the monthly updates will live there now (and I'll try to update /r/tilvids as a reminder when I post), but perhaps some other off-the-cuff updates can go there as well. If you have other thoughts about what you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment!

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The FSF is seeking a principled, compassionate, and capable leader to be its new executive director. This position can be remote or based in our Boston office: u.fsf.org/3e5

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@sikkdays haha this is funny because it's true. With my band Hoggatah (hoggatah.se) we always print a few copies CDs (like 100 or so) and sell them for some reasonable price. Compared to what we made on all the online platforms, selling 40% of those 100 CDs made us at least 1000 times the money we made from Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, etc.

@aaronpk It's interesting, I've been flying much more during the pandemic than before and have been working abroad since November and going back and forth every 90 days ^^

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