@cjk101010 it's the only language all of us speak. I didn't speak Polish with the Ukrainians because the other guys wouldn't understand.

If English is the only language all understand then it should be used, if it's Russian than that should be used, if Mandarin then that, and so on. What is rude is to exclude your partners from the conversation for long parts of the Meeting by delibratelly spraking the language which you know they most probably don't understand.

@cjk101010 They all already do speak English, they don't need to learn it first, they wouldn't be in that meeting otherwise.

And it's rude that they don't speak the business language which every single person in that meeting speaks and understands, independent of which concrete language that is.

@VikingKong hehe, yeah, it's even worse because we want to sell stuff to them so I can't just flip the table in the meeting ;)

Korean and Chinese companies, please stop speaking Chinese and Korean for long time spans in meetings where I participate. I learned English as a forth language to be able to do business internationally. I think its rude to not use it when people who don't speak Chinese/Korean are in the meeting when everyone speaks English. When I speak with my colleges we speak English so you can understand us too.

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Today I found Lindt's 100% cacao chocklate, I have no idea how they do it but I guess it's just cacao fat and powder without sugar.

It's not as tasty as some of the high end chocolate I tasted but it's quite awesome and the best thing, it doesn't interfere with my keto diet :D

@VikingKong yeah, the non free software is gonna be a problem for me.

Now with corona dragging out for months, I feel that I need some other way of listening to podcasts than just during commuting. I really miss it but i don't take the time to listen to them at home. It's a bit sad that I can't sync listened status between mobile phone, computer and smart speakers.

@e8johan Ah interesting, yeah that is my biggest problem with those big machines too, I mostly drink one cup of coffee a day.


@selea yeah, I'm running quite some things too but I never allow anyone else joining so I'm on my matrix server on my own so I can decide to ditch it whenever I want.

@mchlksr@mastodon.social I can but the World isn't ready for my ideas. I want to abolish national states, I really don't agree with that idea. But I can't so the closest thing I can do is to collect as many citizenships as I can.

@selea people are quite vocal about how great the Swedish passport is, but I can travel to 20 more countries without a special visa with my German passport: gist.github.com/jeena/7fccb537 :D

Yeah so as far as I know the biggest thing for me is that I am finally allowed to vote during the riksdagsval which I'm really looking forward to. And god knows the left needs any help it can get, even from those bloody immigrants like me ;)

@e8johan I saw on Twitter you got a Moccamaster, how is it? I was looking into one also but for now I mostly drink espresso or cappuccino.

@mase Not really, I needed to send in a list of my travels abroad since I send in my papers 2017 (thank god to google maps and their creepy logging of all my movements, last year I was 19 times abroad, no chance to remember that). But then no language or knowledge test. As far as I remember we didn't do anything like that in Germany either.

Today you can congratulate me, I finally got my third citizenship. After being born in Poland and gotten the German one because all my grand parents were German, I lived here in Sweden for quite some time so I got the Swedish one too!

@mchlksr@mastodon.social do you really have one? Those seem very expensive. I bought mine in a second hand place for 3 EUR, they wanted to sell it for 6 EUR but nobody bought it so they sold it for 3 EUR :D

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