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I love you all ; Yes you can do it ! Be positive and live : read a book or say I Love you to any person you know ! I love you !

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Hm, I'm following but I can't see the new videos in my timeline they posted about 6 hours ago, something is not working with following a account in



I wanted to copy the svorak keyboard map on Linux and exchange the Swedish Å with the German Ü to not need to learn the totally different German Dvorak layout which is nothing like the english nor the Swedish one. But it turns out that to get it to show up in GNOME I seem to need to change a whole bunch of XML files and lst files directly in /usr/share/ where it will be overwritten during the next update. So I gave up on that and will keep using ue, ae, oe...


@rysiek Erlang is much more useful, Haskell is much more fun. Therefor Haskell.

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Neat, fixes in Mutter for streaming windows, hopefully this means I'll be able to choose a window to share in zoom instead of just a whole screen.

@aaronpk yeah that makes sense. In practice you could ropurpouse the device to show something different without re-flashing it.

@aaronpk ah so it's just easier but it would have worked in theory?

@aaronpk Oh I didn't know you needed to have a picture. For my LCD I just put text on from my Arduino

Debian vs Yocto for your embedded project, which one is better?

Join us during the last day of on

A virtual / conference.

@theprivacyfoundation aehm that's not how the it works, especially not with video, it's self regulating, if it get's too many dropped packages it will reduce the quality automatically, nothing a person needs to do manually.

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