I attended a night photography course in Stockholm for fun, I got it as a birthday present. This is one of the photos from that night. It was taken quite early while there was still some light from the sun, to still get the dramatic sky.

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The more photography I do the more distracting color I find and the more I'm drawn to beautiful lit black and white photos.

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Here’s another wild pregnancy illustration lmao 😂

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@phoenyxgreene isn't that what Karl Marx was always talking about? Isn't that what capitalism is in it's essence?


@sikkdays the screenshots look like spotify ;)

Nowadays I have enough space on all the devices so that I just use Syncthing to copy all the files to all the devices.

I also pay for YouTube Premium so I could listen there too but I don't for some reason.

Some years ago I used Subsonic jeena.net/private-music-stream until they changed to a closed source license.

I had a short portrait session with some of my coworkers last Friday, was playing with the backlight to make the head stand out from the background.

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1st of may demonstrations in Varberg.

@jeremiah_ that's posted all over social media every year April the 30th

Valborg i Varberg with a perfect sunset in the background. Some say it looks like Mordor.

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@mardy Yes it totally is. And looking at Mastodon, leveraging AtcivityPub shouldn't be too difficult to work out a connection between different GitLab and Gitea instances.

Tomorrow it's International Workers Day! The date was chosen by a pan-national organization of socialist and communist political parties to demonstrate energetically on the First of May for the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat.

Pulsar Collective, my brothers band during a really cool photo shoot. Check out their music at bandcamp: pulsarcollective.bandcamp.com/

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remember, if you'd like unlimited power, become a coder. you can just release code and people will run it! you have to make it do X thing they want, but as long as you do that okayish, they will literally run anything you want on their computers that comes with it. it's the wild fucking west baby

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