@frankie95 @OCRbot as far as I remember the problem with nuclear power right now is that it's just too expensive and nobody wants to pay a extra price for it.

@feditips @mastohost so why is it not a function in Mastodon like 'Internal' in Peertube, which is THE function why I chose PeerTube over YouTube?

Finally met my parents again after they got vaccinated!

Haha people here in Sweden are really not used to wearing a mask. A conductor here at the train station came to me with his mask on and then he took his mask off to talk to me and put it back on when he was done oO

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screenplay for a movie where a hotshot young anarchist gets partnered with a by-the-book old communist and they have 48 hours to solve the mystery of who keeps pooping at the community garden.

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Without looking it up, how much RAM do you think the Atari 2600 has? I'm really curious how much people ballpark, and how far off they are, so please boost and don't post the reply in the answers.

@pixelflowers I'm not sure, I think it is to some degree in different ones. The UI for remote subscription changed but it doesn't work for me, but haven't had the time to research it yet.

@futureisfoss @lps yes exactly, I also have the feeling that it's a specific PeerTube problem.

@futureisfoss yeah, I guess it's simmilar. Although I kind of understand it for more seldom updated data like followes, I haven't seen the problem with normal content on Mastodon, new posts show up on my federated instance, but qlso, I didn't do the same research un Mastodon as I did on PeerTube.

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> No child needs a perfect parent, indeed to have a perfect parent is to be on a short roard towards psychosis.
> The job of a parent is to let down their child, in a structured way. To gently introduce them to the missery of existence.

I like Alain de Botton, he is a funny philosopher.


Everybody on Hackernews seems to be very happy about it: devblogs.microsoft.com/command

I'm somehow sad, this means that less people will invest in the real thing. It also means that IT departments will have more ammunition to take away freedom from Linux developers and force them to use Windows instead because they'll be able to do their work on a Windows computer while the IT department can spy on them much more easily.

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Was your data leaked in the #Facebook Data Breach? You Can Sue Facebook for Monetary Damages

If you live in the #EuropeanUnion or European Economic Area, you can seek monetary damages from Facebook. The #GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives you the right to monetary compensation where your data protection rights have been breached.

Digital Rights Ireland
are commencing a ‘mass action’ against Facebook on behalf of users who have been affected.


#EU #Europe

@ajroach42 probably mostly YouTube, otherwise Soundcloud.

@ajroach42 I personally really like active studio near field monitors. At the rehearsal room we got thomann.de/intl/kr/yamaha_hs_8 and they are really awesome and you don't need an additional sub woofer for them. For the turntable you'd need some special stuff, easiest probably with a DJ mixer.

I've been successfully running tube.jeena.net from a NUC in my kitchen now for half a year. It has its downsides, for example when I'm not home and something happens to the NUC so it can't be remotely rebooted then I need to wait until I'm home or sent someone to do a hard reboot, which happened now 2 times.

But overall I'm very happy about how well it works to host from home. The NUC only uses about 5W and it's not super powerful but I don't have...

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