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@selfcare Interestingly if you have only one hierarchy of tasks you easily get into the hundreds of them and then once 3 out of 800 are done and you still to look at the 797 left the anxiety level doesn't change ^^

@tio I agree with that. I think though that those who can do it should do it.

@tio that's one of the reasons why I'm hosting my own instance, I just don't want to trust admins to do the right thing.

@lightweight When I moved to Sweden I went to a local school for adults and they had a "computer drivers license" course which I attended because I thought it'd be good to have something on paper.

In the first lecture the teacher said that (on Windows XP back then) you're not allowed to add spaces to file names when you save a word document.

I tried to argue that this is not true, that this is some old info from DOS times but when she didn't listen, I stood up, went out and never came back.

@joel I checked "Home" but actually I added a list I call "Homies" where I have specific people who I know personally or from whom I really don't want to miss any toots. That's where I'm the most I guess.

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Where do you spend the most time in #mastodon?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

#boostsappreciated #AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

@sikkdays Haha yeah same here, I have some 500 followers and zero engagement, no likes no comments no retweets there, etc. I guess the algorithm did the same to me too once it realized that I'm not interacting with anyone on Twitter anyway.

I installed another instance on my local computer at home, followed my main instance and set "Redundancy allowed". My hope is that it will help to download the videos faster for everyone because there will be always 2 servers available.

@kranzkrone @islieb Die Frage ist was es bringt ueber Datenschutz auf einer Platform zu schreiben auf der jeder ist weil sie ueberhaupt aus diesem Grund auf dieser platform sind.

For the first time ever I was happy that the JSON version of RSS exists when I wanted to show the latest of my videos from PeerTube on my home page:

`JSON.parse(open("", &:read))["items"][0]["url"]`

@kranzkrone @islieb ah hab nicht gelesen worauf du geantwortet hast. Jetzt wo ich verstehe das "verteilen" inhalte von anderen bedeutet stimme ich mit dir ueberein.

@kranzkrone @islieb Ich mach das seit Jahren, was stoert dich daran?

Ich hab was zu sagen aber die Leute denen ich das mitteilen moechte sind auf RSS, Twitter und Mastodon. Ich poste es auf meiner Webseite und es wird automatisch auf Twitter und Mastodon kopiert, so dass ich es den Leuten, die sich weigern RSS zu benutzen trotzdem leicht mache das zu lesen was ich zu sagen habe.

In IndieWeb nennen wir das POSSE - Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

I'm trying to get better at making videos. This time I wrote a overview script and recorded it. Then I realized that I have a huge amount of "eeeh" and pauses in it. Cutting it out reduced the video from 14:30 minutes to 10:30 minutes. I added some b-roll to conceal all the cuts, sometimes I had to cut every ... single ... word.

It's going into the right direction, the video flows much better, but I need to get better at recording without thinking pauses.

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@tilvids @bigcar I liked this episode a lot! Probably because I've been living in Poland during that time when this car was the most popular and many of my extended family members had it.

@benwerd an accoustic instrument, they look great on the wall and are fun to use together with your family.

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