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It's public now! Spritely (and myself) have been awarded a Samsung Stack Zero grant! I'm funded for the next two years to bring ActivityPub and the fediverse to the next level. Secure interactions, object capabilities, p2p content delivery, all that stuff!

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Very pleased to announce Mozilla as a sponsor for #fossnorth2019!

Still two more weeks of early bird tickets left. Get yours at .

#opensource #freesoftware #gbgtech #sthlmtech

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Hm, after 2,5 weeks with running mastodon, 142 toots, 56 follows and 21 followers my instance collected 4.1 GB data.
Is that normal for a instance to grow like that? 8 GB per month, 96 GB per year, and I only have myself as a user.

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#FOSDEM 2019 has two #Nextcloud talks:
☁️ "decentralize the way we sync, share and collaborate", Saturday, 15:30:
☁️ "A private cloud for everyone" , Saturday, 15:00:
Booth is in building K1-A.

See you in Brussels!

Ok, I found out that there is a three dots hidden menu just on top of this box where you write your text. In there there is an item 'Lists' and there you can create new lists. Once created you can pin a list to be visible all the time in the UI. Let's see how well it works.

Is there a way to have a list of people I follow and then only show their toots when I click somewhere? I have a couple of people who only post once a day or something and others who post lots and lots of times a day and the once who post rarely are a bit more important to me but it seems that I miss many of their toots.

I'm still googling my name to see where my pictures ended up and this is a really cool use of one of them:

The article talks about "The future world will be shaped by how people and machines work together" and it uses the picture where I caught a japanese baby on her mothers arm reaching out to a humanoid robot and touching it's face.

This was really interesting to watch: especially to see how many other services stopped working when you block goodles servers on your devices.

Oh interesting, apparently last year one of my pictures got added to the Fedora supplemental Wallpapers:

That's kind of cool, and I guess it helps that all my pictures are CC licensed. It would have been cool to gotten notified, but that seems not something people do ;)


Komisch @holgi jahrelang nur gehoert zu haben und jetzt mal aus Zufall den live Videostream vom letzten zu gucken und ihn und die anderen moderatoren deren Stimmen man schon so lange kennt beim sprechen zu sehen.

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Jetzt live: das 253. Chaosradio.
Zum letzten Mal bei fritz auf UKW, daher zur Einstimmung auf die Zukunft am besten gleich mal per Stream hören ;-)

Normally Mondays aren't really hard for me to master but today I was exhausted almost from the morning to now, no idea why.

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Discord is valued at 1.65 _billion_ dollars.

What kind of person can look at that and go "ah, yes, this free chat service is totally not gonna screw us out of private data for profit"?

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