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A phishing email almost got me. I'm waiting for something I ordered on Amazon and I got three emails during the last days from PostNord (the Swedish postal service). I finally looked at the first one and it said that they added a fee of 5 kronas (0.5 EUR) and I need to pay it before I can get my package. The weird thing was that I ordered it from Germany, which means the EU and the extra fees were supposed to be for packages outside of the EU, but PostNord is known for their weirdness.

I wish that DMs would look more different to public messages here, both during creation and when reading them. A different background or something perhaps.

Btw. @sikkdays It's kind of funny to see us both hopping from one social media thing to the other. I saw you first on , then and , then .blog and now here on :D

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Hey, i have less than £20 to survive on for the rest of the month while I try to find work

donations of any amount are extremely helpful

boosts appreciated

A work colleague posted this picture on Facebook. The only thing I could think of as a reply was a link to my idols from the 90ies Dog Eat Dog (whom I drank Sambuka with backstage once) and their hit "No Fronts"

"No fronts, no tricks, no soap box politics
No guns, just blunts, we kick this just for fun!!!!!!!!"

Pro tip: never do a spring cleaning of your house/flat, you'll never find things you knew where they were before.

It took me more than half a year to find my podcast equipment again. Now that I have it I'm looking forward to find some people to interview.

Also it would be kind of cool to expand and do interviews over the internet, but that makes the set up much more complicated if the other person isn't a tech person, which most of those I interview aren't.

That's why I still use the TV I bought 2007 (oh god it's 12 years old now) and a NUC with a Intel CPU from 2012.

I guess I get enough shiny gadgets at work where they buy a new flagship phone once a year for me and a new flagship laptop/desktop + screen every second year.

Sometimes I have the urge to buy some new tech like a OLED TV for example, but then when I start researching it I feel that I need to put in so much time and effort so that I can get rid of the feeling that I'm not making an informed decision that it in most of the cases ends up in me just giving up and not buying anything.

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We're very happy to officially welcome onto Matrix as they spin up their very own homeserver for (powered by and adopt Matrix as their primary chat mechanism!!

For months I wasn't able to build a software with yaourt and install it to use it, but when I built it manually there was no problem in running it.

Today I found the problem, for some reason some time ago I installed the binary into /usr/local/bin and this was ith the $PATH before /usr/bin and when I overwrote it with yaourt there it never got executed but instead this old version. Finally I found this stupid mistake.

TIL about "Trans-exclusionary radical feminism" in short

It's interesting to see how marginalized groups of people fuck things for each other up.

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All good talks has a terminal based demo section! #fossgbg

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Reading the Wikipedia article about the Foo Fighters and that Dave Grohl re recorded the drums of the second album without telling the drummer because he didn't like his drumming on the recordings.

Reading this I thought, what a shitty thing to do, but then I remembered I did the same on a song on the album of my first band. I re recorded the guitar track without telling our guitar player because it was too bad. He never said anything, no idea if he didn't notice or didn't want to say anything.

I was out shooting the sundown, but behind me was a much more interesting scene, the moon above a dark path.


Helping my parents through the bureaucracy jungle in Germany. Once you need care there is a abstruse amount of paperwork to do which nobody who needs care because of their age can possibly work through.

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Why would you allow your child to be abused in the public like that? Aren't parents supposed to shield their children from harm?

Instead they're making the sexualization in a adult bar possible (a 11 year old wouldn't be allowed there alone) and then basking in news about that all over the Internet.

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broke: assuming everyone on the web goes by he/him

joke: referring to people by they/them until you are familiar with their pronouns

woke: checking the profiles of everyone you talk to to find out their pronouns

bespoke: regularly checking the profiles of even your oldest mufos to see if their pronouns have changed because you respect their agency and want to give them space to blossom

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