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This stript when run collects the power consumption of a NUC during one minute and writes it, together with the date/time into a file for future use.
I want to try to see how much my NUC consumes during different phases during a day/week.

I've wondered for quite some time why Thunderbird on my private computers takes such a huge amount of time to start but at work it's reasonably fast. Now I see that my ~/.thunderbird isg 8.9 GB big.

After seeing the call for contribution by The Guardian now so many times I finally started paying $12 a year, so $1 per month. I don't read it super often but it's linked from HackerNews and blogs I read, so I'm ending up on their page more often than you'd think.

About automation replacing us:

If you think of machines as the next step in evolution, as our children, then it's awesome that they don't have the same limitations of biological bodies like we have, so they could go on exploring our galaxy in a completely different way than we could with our short life spans. The human will die out anyway, like all the other biological species, but at least we could have a heritage in form of the machines which could...


But for some reason, frustrating as it was for them, they weren't able to score any goal, so it was a draw 0-0 which really felt like a victory for us oddballs from all over the world (Finland, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia, Syria, etc.).

Today we were two people short and needed to ask some guys who just played a game to join us and we played what seemed like a team with superior strength, all tall Swedish guys playing nice technical football and having 5 additional people to change during the game (we're playing 7 vs. 7 people).

I just started playing football in the lowest league there is in Sweden called korpen. We're still waiting for our jersies. Last week we were 18 people but sadly the other team didn't show up, so without playing we won 3-0.

Man, this other song is even more amazing, somehow metal combined with grunge and a a pinch of Smashing Pumpkins:

Code Orange - Bleeding In The Blur

Music tip of the day:

Apparently this is what grew out of metalcore. I'm intrigued.

Going out with friends to do street photography is fun, you can use them as objects while they try to take their own photos.

in the picture: @mardy

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260 people attending at #fossnorth2019 in Gothenburg. For me this is the first time I can attend!

Listening to essays about Jean-Paul Sartre and his ideas about radical freedom. He says we're condemned to be free. But even though I intelevtually understand that it might be painful to be responsible of everything you decide to do, I myself mostly feel only joy in this freedom, even if I often choose wrongly in heinsight.

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Start contributing to GNOME at Community day in #FossNorth. Reserve your seat on the wiki and join us. For more details check the page:

Musicvideo tip today: Rammstein - Deutschland

A strong comment about the dark sides of German History and apparently the black woman is Germania, the personification of the German nation.

Damn it's time again, going to Berlin for two days now then 3 days in Stuttgart, after which I'm visiting my parents and then back to Sweden next weekend.

Oh, I missed that, but someone took my dry-ham recipe and did it themselves and blogged about it: with pictures.

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