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And in the meantime it's Swedish Fika time for the brew master. It's always around 3 and 4 pm. Some wienerbröd and coffee.

Next step after mashing is boiling. This recipe commands 20 g of hops to boil for 90 minutes.

Now I'm filtering the wort to get it more clean and without haze.

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Preparing to stream live me brewing beer on twitch, just need to figure out how to do it again and I'll be online on

I made a test install of PeerTube and it was amazingly easy to do and it's a great software. The only problem I have with it that it doesn't allow me to share videos just with a selected group of people. It's either everyone or the people who have a link to the video. I can't share hundreds of videos just with my family for example.

I'm looking for software which I can self host and then me and my family can upload and view our videos but nobody else. Is there something like that out there?

I've been thinking about 'happiness' and how weird it is to have it as a life goal. It's intrinsically egoistic, most of the time you need to disregard other peoples needs to become it. It's not particularly difficult to archive, you don't need to be moral or ethical, smart or educated, engaged in anything, etc. It doesn't bring any value to you or others. Wanting to become fulfilled on the other hand, doesn't exclude all the things which are painful to archive but still are much more worth it.

Ich bin ja nicht homöophob aber Homöopathie wirkt nicht über den Placebo-Effekt hinaus:

I'm always fascinated by people who are so unsure of them selves that they put legality and illegality as an argument for what you need to argue by morality and ethics.

There are the "Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development [1]", which is not without it's own problems, but it looks at stages of moral development in children and those people seem to stuck in the 2nd stage.

[1] which

I changed two things in my browser:

1. All cookies but from a handful selected websites, are destroyed when I close the browser
2. uBlock blocks now all 3rd party scripts and assets (like images) but a handful which I manually allow on some specific websites.

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A citation from an interview with the slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek about the conformist concept of happiness:

> You can be happy without being moral. You can be happy without being interesting or engaged in the world around you. You can be happy without having a single creative idea or interest or passion. You can get everything you desire, and still not be happy. So why even focus on finding bliss?


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My wife is on a FB group for our local area and someone posted on it asking if anyone knew where they could get magic mushrooms. When she went to check if there was any results (for research purposes of course) the post had been deleted. I reckon that person needs to be introduced to the Fediverse.

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I moved from switching between Hac and Windoze for pleasure and work to Linux and Windoze.

One of the challenges present is just finding cross-platform software so I don't have to use different stuff depending on the machine when I'm working on a project.

I think in the next couple months I'm ditching the Windoze all together. It's a desktop and has decent hardware and RAM for video/audio work. I'm going to see if it's compatible for linux and stop switching.

Reading and I just asked for a 15% raise, not sure If I will get it, but going down to 4 days with the same payment would be a 20% raise, it's not that far away. I could cut down say 10% in my salary and ask for a 4 days week instead. It's not really practical because everyone else works 5 days but others do it too when they go on paternity leave every Friday.

When I met her 2002 she looked like on the left, now 2019 she's all grown up on the right and done with gymnasium (senior high school). I feel under the circumstances I've done quite ok as a bonus family member.


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violent transphobia/racism, stats 

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