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You can find a bigger version of the picture on my website to be able to read it:

10 years of my band Hoggatah which started in 2009 with some people from a different band and me joining. There are not many bands which can look back on such a long history.

Today an article in the local newspaper was published where they interview us about the past and the future.

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If this gets 10 boosts, I'll post a scifi story I wrote in 2011 about Dustbowl Era gangsters and a thermionic tube-programmed robot

I like Signal, it does almost everything I need it to do as a messenger app with the exception of handling those short videos you send each other within a family group. Be it because your children did something funny, greetings on Christmas or to show off you progress when learning the saxophone.

Yes you can prerecord and send it as an attachment, but then most of the time the video file size is too big and you need another app to make it smaller, and then...


We don't only have the sea in Varberg but also lakes. One such small one is called 'The Black Sea' for some reason and there it is where I'm training ro be able to run longer distances again.

I just run around in circles, but because it's such a beautifull place it didn't get boring yet.

Hm the first spam follow here on mastodon. An account on so I can't just ban the whole server.

Sometimes I take too many things to do on me, mostly because I'm a time optimist and I have problems saying no, so that there is little time in between to squeeze in something important.

Some times a person who I admire for being super smart and says something so stupid that it changes my perception about them fundamentally like with Tyson now or Dawkins back in 2011

This leads to two important thoughts:

1. Even a superstar scientist has a brain fart sometimes, they're still only human
2. Just because they're mega competent in one field doesn't make them automatically competent in other fields


Today I unfollowed a leftist queer woman. Mostly just to not accidentally toot in her direction because she wrote "men, don't ever toot at me".
I think marxists and communists need to fight and take the word "left" back under controll. Nowadays it's more a swearword than describing a ideology where proletarians fight for their rights against the bourgeoisie.

Phuh, today we worked really hard with the band, first 2 hours photoshoot to finally get some new press photos. Then one hour interview with a local weekly newspaper for their next issue. And then rehersing of the extended playlist for the next concert which is almost double the usual length.

I leand speaking English at work, because I work in IT and we only have international teams so the only way to communicate is in English.
But because almost none is a native speaker and we only speak about work stuff, it feels that I'm stuck on a level and am not getting better, especially when it comes to the amount of words I know and am able to use myself.

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What if E.T. isn't about a little boy helping a lost alien return home?

Instead, it's a couple of white kids sending an "other" back to where they came from.

E.T. Go Home.

#nationalism is gross.

The good folks from "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" unknowingly and accidentally published a comic which describes the content of our song Vengeance in comic form.

I'm looking for video content creators who regularly produce their own stuff and release it on their own website instead of on YouTube. Any tips are welcome, especially if I can follow them either with Mastadon or my RSS reader.

A cool thing being a rails app is that sometimes when I need to change something for a lot of say users, I can do open heart surgery and use the rails console and rails ORM to do bulk changes on the database without writing special scripts and using the API to do one off things.
It's really dangerous doing that with 600 users using it, but that's part of the fun and we have backups ;)

I'm playing Minecraft and it's really frustrating. I need iron, redstone and the like but trying to get that to be able to get better protection I'm always dying and losing all the stuff I was carrying and then I can't find it anymore :p

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