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Wow, we did not expect the level of interest you all have had in the #PineTime!

More info:
- Cost will be approximately 25USD
- Charging dock included in price
- Built-in heartbeat monitor
- Case built of Zinc alloy and plastic
- Battery life measured in days
- Sorry, can't run Linux itself. SoC is nRF52832, which uses a Cortex-M4 core. That's why we need FreeRTOS :)

A month ago I got a saxophone and I'm trying to learn to play it at the same time as I'm learning some music theory, read notes and stuff. Today I finally got those two stands, one for the sax to not need to put it into the bag every time I take a pause and one for the note paper. It's amazing how much easier it is to see everything compared to having it on the table where the sax is always in the way.

I really like how accessible the guys from make classical music. I started watching them because they as classical musicians reacted to classical music performances on talent shows, then I started appreciating their memes and now I myself started looking up the performances of the musical geniuses they mention on their show because they also explain a lot about classical music in a fun and...


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I didn't realize that my photo "Stora Hornsjön" ended up as one of the default backgrounds in Fedora 28:

It was a different one than the one in Ubuntu Bungie

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What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

Because of

1. I divide history in before WWII and after WWII
2. I speak four languages fluently
3. I'm starting learning music theory for the first time in my 40ies

@phoenyxgreene @returntrip @themugue

Damn, what an exceptionally stupid idea to let npm (a package manager for JavaScript) show ads

Interesting, in my 41 years of living in 3 different countries I never thought to read though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I caught up it today at

It's an interesting read and is much longer than I expected, it has 30 articles on 8 A4 pages.

Music tip: Béla Bartók - String Quartet No. 5 -

Damn this composition was on fire! Over a hundred years ago but his style is so close to modern metal bands, it's uncanny. Would be awesome to incorporate some of it in a Hoggatah song.

Hoggatah, my band, had their 10 year anniversary concert last weekend and I created a one hour video from the footage which I was able to find. So if you weren't able to join you can watch it on

Rendering a one hour video with and it shows it will take 4,5 hours to render. I guess it's because I chopped it so much and I have three sources.

We have new band t-shirts for our 10 year anniversary concert tomorrow at Oscars in Varberg. Right now we still have all sizes available!

"If an ad uses deeply personal information to appeal to emotional vulnerabilities or exploits psychological tendencies to generate a purchase, then that is a form of privacy violation—regardless of the technical details." via

That is half of the reason why I use Ad blockers.

"The saxophone is easy to play badly—and very challenging to play well."


I listened to the Swedish top 20 on YouTube Music - not sure how they determine it - and 90% was Trap (this HipHop with really low basses and really high hi-hats). To not sound like a grumpy old fart, I'd like to link to the one artist which sticks out for me. It's the 17 years old Billie Ellish with her song Bad Guy:

I like the fresh air and that she has her own style instead of following a trend, that is not...


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