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Music tip: Metal neighbors who practice in room 14 and we in room 11, they're called Antimere and are quite heavy, listen to their EP "Into Nothingness"

God damn it, I bought the almond milk which didn't have the "no added sugars" on it tastes so sweet. They really look basically the same, the only difference is a really small text and if you just grab one without looking at the backside you will get the wrong one.

Reflections on the Color of My Skin
- By Neil deGrasse Tyson

I understand why famous people of color normally try to avoid bringing attention tho the color of their skin. At the same time I think it's important for us to read about their struggles to even get a glimpse of them.

Reflecting on the Color of My Skin
- By Marques...


Manchmal lohnt es sich wirklich nen RSS feed nich zu unsubscriben nur weil da seit Jahren keine posts kamen. Nichtlustig popte plötzlich in meinem RSS reader wieder auf!

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Rassismus tötet, auch in Deutschland. Und damit müssen wir uns alle auseinandersetzen - auch wenn’s wehtut. Und da es bisher keinen Brennpunkt dazu gab, machen wir einfach einen. #BrennpunktRassismus #DCKS


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It is time for the sixth installment of the #fossnorth series on Licenses and Copyright. This time we cover modern permissive licences such as Apache-2.0, CC-0, zlib, libpng, MPL-2.0, and more.

Watch it at:

#opensource #freesoftware

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Patrik Fältström's talk from #fossnorth 2020 is now available at YouTube. Learn about common time in large networks and more.

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If you run a community Twitter account, this is a good time to:

1) Make sure you 100% know everyone who has access to it
2) Enable two-factor authentication

You do *not* want to be in the position of having to explain that your account has been taken over by racists

I'm watching Demolition Man and they have many funny puns and references about 80ies action movies and actors. In that universe Arnold Schwarzenegger was a president of the USA even though he wasn't born there.

I installed a server and was very easily able to chat with federation with others, impressive. My username is but I still don't really have any idea what to do with it, yet ;)

A reply to "Facebook Bans Renowned Colorist":

What I really don't understand is why people who have those problems don't post on their own website where nobody can tell them what they're allowed or not allowed to post.

Fstoppers doesn't just rely on YouTube and Facebook for their community, they have this website where they can do whatever they feel to do. Buying a domain and getting someone to install and update blog software on it isn't really that...


I made some Bratwurst, but they only had quite thick casings in the shop so it looks a bit weird. Och and it has more fat than usual.

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#fossnorth has finally reached some actual licenses in our licensing series. We start with the Classical Permissive Licenses such as MIT and BSD.

Listen to us ramble here:

#freesoftware #opensource #licenses #mit #bsd

Episode 5 of our series about Copyright and Licenses is out, it's about "Classic Permissive Licences":

Me @e8johan and two other friends are making a full series about Licenses on YouTube, here is a link to the full playlist:

Today's music tip:KANA-BOON / ないものねだり

I really like Japanese Indie Rock, we used to have it here in Europe too but for some reason it stopped developing, or at least I don't stumble upon it anymore.


A longer blog post with many pictures about my trying to fight my obesity by working on my diet.

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