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Korean and Chinese companies, please stop speaking Chinese and Korean for long time spans in meetings where I participate. I learned English as a forth language to be able to do business internationally. I think its rude to not use it when people who don't speak Chinese/Korean are in the meeting when everyone speaks English. When I speak with my colleges we speak English so you can understand us too.

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Today I found Lindt's 100% cacao chocklate, I have no idea how they do it but I guess it's just cacao fat and powder without sugar.

It's not as tasty as some of the high end chocolate I tasted but it's quite awesome and the best thing, it doesn't interfere with my keto diet :D

Now with corona dragging out for months, I feel that I need some other way of listening to podcasts than just during commuting. I really miss it but i don't take the time to listen to them at home. It's a bit sad that I can't sync listened status between mobile phone, computer and smart speakers.

@e8johan I saw on Twitter you got a Moccamaster, how is it? I was looking into one also but for now I mostly drink espresso or cappuccino.

Today you can congratulate me, I finally got my third citizenship. After being born in Poland and gotten the German one because all my grand parents were German, I lived here in Sweden for quite some time so I got the Swedish one too!

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Time for another episode in the Copyright and Licenses series. This time we talk about patents with Mirko Boehm. Check it out at .

#fossnorth #patents

Chicken in the corn
Say the corn can't grow, mamma
When chicken in the corn
Say the corn can't grow

My dad is really a master when it comes to cultivating plants. Here is a scan from the local newspaper, the photographer visited him last Sunday when he specifically made most of his cactus to bloom for just one night/day so people going to and coming from church on the other side of the street would be able to admire them.

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#fossnorth just released Chris Simmond's talk on Debian or Yocto Project? Which is the best for your Embedded Linux Project? to YouTube. Enjoy it here:

#debian #yocto #linux #embedded

Back in the days in around 1997 there was a style of Indie Rock called Hamburger Schule with the most prominent Tocotronic ( which clearly influenced my very first band Nothing5Cents

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The silhouette of the bird watching hiding place at the Getterön peninsula in Varberg.

A bird by the water on the Getterön peninsula here in Varberg.

Sometimes it takes far too much time to do what you thought would be something quick. I wanted to connect a IR receiver to an Arduino to read out the code when I press POWER on the Surround Sound Home Theater AV Receiver. I need that to be able to automate it.

6 hours later I'm finally able to. It took several hours and 4 different USB2Serial adapters to finally understand that I need to reboot my Linux machine after I upgraded the kernel probably several...


I live in a very strange world. I was in Palistina last year and met with people who fight the Israeli occupation by rebuilding the houses which the settlers and military destroy. I'm friends with some of them who live daily in a literal police state and today one of them forwarded me a video on which you can see how a black man in a wheelchair fails to comply with the police telling him to put his hands up and ends up being shot and killed from a distance...


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