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Interesting how all the predictions about voting computers are coming true like if experts like the CCC were able to look into the future. All the things are showing up as symptoms in the US election, but most importantly, nobody can trust those computers because nobody can check what's going on on a multipurpose machine with windows 10 on it so it's easy to say that they were hacked or malfunctioning, etc.

And to be honest I do agree with those people...


PeerTube Admin 8: YouTube forcing ads, Monetarization of video content, alternative communities on PeerTube

Open Hardware with Javier Serrano from CERN very interesting insight how it compares to Open Source Software.

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After running a virtual #fossnorth last week, it is time for another #podcast episode.

This time we discuss business models, i.e SaaS, dual licensing and having no business model.

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It amazes me every time that I can just take a SSD with Linux from one computer, put it into a different one boot it and everything just works as it did before, it's a life saver. And btw. I love Arch Linux!

Korea vlog 10: First day in freedom out of quarantine, Korean BBQ, beers, long walks, shopping.

Korea vlog 9: Last day in COVID-19 quarantine! Food, hotel anouncments, what I'm looking forward to

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Korea vlog 8: Getting out one day earlier, self check app, leaving quarantine preparations, food, builders.

Comment and questions are welcome!

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To everyone joining right now:

Welcome to the fediverse. With your account on you get access to people from lots of other Mastodon servers (in fact, this message you're reading originates from!). You can follow people from these other servers and you can even move your account (incl. your followers) to another server. Beyond that server stuff the UI should be familiar enough, there's a lot of mobile apps.


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What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

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