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Tech types! Hear me now!
When it comes to a private texting app, please reply below after voting to briefly explain why you use/recommend...

New episode of the Admin Chronicals:

PeerTube Admin 10: Privacy setting "Internal but Linkable" missing

Damn that's interesting how different emojis mean opposite things in different cultures, here is a video explaining that the eyes in 🙂 on WeChat don't look so friendly, as a result the subtext is sarcasm.

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Holy cow, and now we've got @flytech and @pine64 community sharing their videos as well today! If you're looking for some great edutainment content to watch tonight, the #TILvids community is bringing it strong!

#Pine64 #PinePhone #PeerTube

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- Aborcja, gdy istnieje duże prawdopodobieństwo ciężkiego i nieodwracalnego upośledzenia płodu albo nieuleczalnej choroby zagrażającej jego życiu jest niezgodna z Konstytucją - orzekł 22 października Trybunał Konstytucyjny.
- Trybunał zajął się sprawą na wniosek grupy 119 posłów PiS, Konfederacji i Kukiz’15
- Protest w Warszawie pod Trybunałem Konstytucyjnym na Szucha o 18:30

I'm going back to Korea soon so it's time to learn some Korean. But their vowels are so close to each other that I needed to come up with a comprehensive mapping to the languages I already know. Here is the result:

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If people wore masks for as long as they leave their xmas lights up, there would be no #covid19 pandemic.

Sorry everyone, somehow I broke my mastodon instance for a couple of days but didn't have time to fix it over the weekend because I was at a ski resort skiing and it was quite awesome :D

Just wanted to wish you all a Marry Christmas and attached a picture where I combined Korean culture, Swedish culture and Christmas.The frogs name is Grodan Boll.

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Du suchst eine Orientierung für Messenger? Die Messenger-Matrix kann dir weiterhelfen!

Bitte teilen - Stand 16.12.2020

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Incredible news from the EU: mandating open interoperability for communication silos, or face a 10%(!!!) fine of worldwide turnover.,,,, - you know where to find us... :) 🙋🏼‍♀️

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I don't really get why people are so exited about #fuchsia
Its going to be an MIT / BSD licensed kernel and os, which means there will be zero incentive for manufacturers to open source drivers or firmware at all.
My expectation is this will not move us forwards, but usher in the pre-"IBM PC compatible" days of the mobile device era.

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