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I'm using Synology DiskStation DS220+ as my backup solution which I host at my parents house. But I'm always afraid that they will just discontinue the software.

I'd love to find a good solution especially for automatic categorization and sharing of photos, which would be free software.

Blog post:

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Interesting, I was just scrolling through the LinkedIn feed and realized that people there post way more personal things than on Facebook.

I always defended Facebook because I was able to read peoples personal stories there who I haven't met for a long time. But around 7 years ago people stopped posting anything personal on Facebook and then stopped posting at all. I'm only logging in there once a Month.

I'm logging in on LinkedIn even more seldom but with this realization it might change.

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#Fedilab is a paid app on Google and free on #Fdroid.
Google takes off 30% of the 2,5€, the idea was to encourage a small effort to use the free F-Droid app built from sources. Also, it helps to pay our server charges for translations and other services.

But, if you have no alternative to Google and don't want to pay. There is no reason to prevent you using Fedilab.
Just reach us, we can let you get the app for free with a code.
CC @Framasoft (related to a thread on Twitter)

I'm hosting a lot of things on a NUC at my parents house that is cheap ans sustainable but not very stable.

My dad went on a 5 week long rehabilitation after an operation and there was nobody capable to restart the NUC which hang itself after the main house fuse was blown and the energy supplier had to get there to put in a new one.

It already went for 3 days where my Mastadon and PeerTube instances wede...


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what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

Finally I was able to fix my problem with not being able to see or use any pictures in mastodon (neither mine nor other peoples).

My problem was that I use a soft link for /home/mastodon/live/public/system where all the media files are and point it to a hard drive.

With systemd's sandboxing `ReadWritePaths=/home/mastodon/live` was not enough and thus sidekiq couldn't write the files there.

For now I disabled sandboxing, but I need to figure out how to do it properly.

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Oha interesting, I was not aware of the fact that I have always been using the "Advanced web interface" on Mastodon. I think from the start when I started using it this was the default, which kind of looks like Tweetdeck. But there seems to be a new default which only shows you one column visible at the same time.

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Where do you spend the most time in #mastodon?

I am in Local the most tbh

If you can boost it would be nice

#boostsappreciated #AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

I installed another instance on my local computer at home, followed my main instance and set "Redundancy allowed". My hope is that it will help to download the videos faster for everyone because there will be always 2 servers available.

For the first time ever I was happy that the JSON version of RSS exists when I wanted to show the latest of my videos from PeerTube on my home page:

`JSON.parse(open("", &:read))["items"][0]["url"]`

I'm trying to get better at making videos. This time I wrote a overview script and recorded it. Then I realized that I have a huge amount of "eeeh" and pauses in it. Cutting it out reduced the video from 14:30 minutes to 10:30 minutes. I added some b-roll to conceal all the cuts, sometimes I had to cut every ... single ... word.

It's going into the right direction, the video flows much better, but I need to get better at recording without thinking pauses.

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German guy in Shanghai is really pissed at the Chinese Government who wants to send him to the Covid 19 camp 12 days after he tested positive.

The translator can't come him down ^^

From what I can see @luke is the biggest PeerTuber. I see that his videos have over 100 views on PeerTube after 4 hour. Some of his videos have thousands of views on PeerTube, which is very impressive.

Most of my videos have less then 10 and almost never more than 100.

So I wondered how many subscribers he has:

PeerTube: 850 subscribers
Mastodon: 1418 subscribers
Odysse: 34.000
YouTube: 152.000

Even he has a long way to go to get his fans to switch to PeerTube 🤣😂

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