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The bad thing with two factor authentication is that I now need to get up from the bed and get the phone ...

It took almost 2 hours but now finally it's fixed. Updated mastodon to newest version.

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I fucked up my Mastodon instance while upgrading and would need to set it up from scratch. It's still running so the database and files are good but I have no idea which files are custom to my instance and which can be recreated from upstream git.

Today I tried some more classic still life photography with interesting light and shadows.

I got a time slot for my second2.5 weeks vaccination, this time in South Korea, in 2.5 weeks. I got it even though I'm just on a business trip here which is pretty cool :)

Today is my first day of my long vacation and workers are replacing asphalt in front of our flat. That reminds me of my childhood, I think during summer vacation between grade 1 and grade 2 they were fixing the asphalt on the street close to our friends houses and we all children from that part of the village went there to watch and smell what's going on :D

We made wine with some fruits which were growing nearby. They're like cherries but smaller, with a different seed and more saur.

Knowing how complicated computers are I always ask myself how can it be that so many things work so well. While my friends and family members ask why this or that error happened. Bits flipped by cosmic radiation was often my to go explanation to show how complicated the answer could be, but I always felt that nobody really understood what I was talking about.

Today I saw a Veretasium video about it, which explains that phenomenon, very interresting:...


I was playing Minecraft in Hardcore mode and it was going very well until I fell into lava and now the world is gone 😥

I'm writing a system which shows random pictures from my backup (Synology with person detection) on my TV. It's quite complicated and involves 3 computers and a Chromecast as hardware for specific reasons but it works nicely already.

I just switched from ImageMagic to OpenCV for the resizing and cropping (I want the pictures to fit always fit the TV size) so that I can do cool things in the future like face detection so I don't crop where the face is,...


We made a TikTok video but I don't have a TikTok account so instead it's on my PeerTube:

Today I saw ads on my DuckDuckGo search result because I used it in a new browser. I went into the DDG preferences and switched them off. Actually I was looking on how to pay them to remove it but they seem not to offer a payed subscription.

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Hey folks !

The #YunoHost project's contributors will meet next week from Wed 11th to Sun 15th in Paris 😜 !

We'll be delighted if you join us (even if you're just a curious folk, no need to be a contributor) either just for a chat or to share your feedback, or to learn how to contribute :blobcatcoffee: !

More info on the forum:

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I posted a video comment on "Swimming in Korea" where I talk about how difficult this is here.

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